I am working on a new version of a longer term project that involves placing sensors, solar panels, electronics and a remote communications system in the ocean. My first prototypes involved urethane resin, resin, foam and adhesive. Now that I have access to a waterjet and CNC mill here at Pier 9, wanted to see if I could build a watertight box with metal and glass. The glass is useful to allow light to pass through to the solar panel, and allow antennas to converse with satellites. This one uses aluminum for ease of milling. The final version will probably need to be stainless steel, and may or may not use glass.

Step 1: Design in Fusion 360 and Prototype With 3d Prints

This is my first project using Fusion 360. I am also trying to figure out how to work in an iterative way that includes physical versions. For now, I am 3d printing prototypes to get a better idea if I like the shape and see if they fit together from a mechanical perspective. For my first take on the project, I thought I would try to screw the glass directly to the aluminum vessel. I cut a 9" piece of glass with screw holes on the waterjet, but when I went to print a matching piece at full scale, the Fortus said it would take 9 hours! That was way too long, so I printed a 1/3 scale version to see what it looked like. That only took about 90 minutes.

<p>Well done! I want to make one for outdoor lighting.</p>

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