Introduction: Waterproof Networking Tool Kit

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Hi, This time i have made an attractive low cost waterproof Networking tool kit for Networking engineers by using an old jeans cloth

Step 1: To Start With....

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Find a good old Jeans Cloth... I have taken a Black jeans trouser.

Cut the required length, if you are not sure of the length- place the tools on the cloth as per your arrangement as shown and mark the cloth for cutting.

Step 2: Makeit WaterProof

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find an old schoolbag or rain coat,
cut and retrieve the water repellent material from it.

Step 3: Stitching..

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Place the waterproof material on the inside part of the jeans cloth and stitch using the sewing machine.

Step 4: Tool Holder

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For the tool holder, cut a long piece of the same cloth of 2 to 3" wide and as per your arrangement stitch it as shown above.

Note: the open end of the cloth will be stitched at the last to avoid exposing the stitching done for tool holder.

Step 5: Finalising

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Now stitch the open end of the cloth as shown above, use Velcro tape at the close ends to hold the tool bag intact.

i have used both Velcro tape and a Clip buckle for extra protection.

Step 6: Cool Waterproof Networking Tool Bag

Picture of Cool Waterproof Networking Tool Bag

Now you have an attractive cool Networking tool bag... you can even make a small pocket for your RJ45 jack and cable tie as shown above...

You can do it on Leather / other material. Hope you like it...

Give in your suggestions and comments on my tool bag

Have a great Day


ksashikumar (author)2014-12-07

Step1: pic 2 is the length, i have sniped from the trouser, if you are not sure of the length, just place all your tools on the cloth and cut the ends as in pic 2 of step1.

RPCALIVE (author)2014-12-07

Where are your snips?

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