Waterproof Storage Tube





Introduction: Waterproof Storage Tube

I thought of this the other day after watching the King of Random's video on how to make soda cap containers. I took his idea and changed it some.

Step 1: Tools/Materials


Pipe Cutter

Sandpaper (optional)


Plastic Soda Bottle


1/2 inch Plastic Pipe

Duct Tape

Step 2: Cut Off the Top of Bottle

Use the pipe cutter to cut the top of the bottle off. Hold the body of the bottle firmly. The pipe cutter will cut the top off but it will not be completely straight. That is fine for what we are going to do.

Step 3: Cut Your Pipe

Do a dry fit of the caps and decide where you want to cut it. I wanted to wrap duct tape around mine so I made sure to include it in my measurements. Use a marker to line up the pipe cutter with where you want to cut it. Then do another dry fit on the piece.

Step 4: Epoxy the Caps

I used a 1 minute epoxy to glue the caps on the ends of the pipes. I mixed it with a toothpick and spread it on the ends of the pipes. Then I put the cap on and rotated it to get as even a coverage as possible. Make sure you move quickly.

Step 5: Wrap and Store

I wrapped mine in duct tape, but I might make one wrapped in paracord. Then store whatever you can get to fit. This was a quick and fun project that anyone could do.



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    Im gonna do one with 5 lts caps to have more space inside


    Good job, but I think you could reach the same result without effort by using a pills container as the one in this pictuce.

    It is hermetical and has the silica into the plug that avoids the humidity!

    Regards mates


    I have something similar that I use for storage. Thanks for sharing. I like mine because I can determine the length and alter it for my own purposes.

    If you want a hermetic seal just add some cork to the cap. Easy-Peazy- lemon-squeezy. ?

    Nice instructable, Try a Medicine Bottle if in a hurry, the are also waterproof, but only for the short stuff.

    I have prescription meds bottle from pharmacy that is orange and several inches high. I use some to store glasses, tubes of anti-scratch and antiobiotics bought over the counter, etc.

    Add some sticky backed sandpaper to the tube and have a striking point for your matches. Good size for small backpack kit!

    I like your Instructable

    Thank you so much for sharing