Step 3: Preparing the Strap Pieces

Next, prepare the four pieces of scrap material by measuring how long you will need them. This will really just depend on how big you want your apron, but I found that the following measurements worked well for me:

neck strap - 23.5x3 inches (60x8cm)
top support - 14.5x5 inches (36x12cm)
waist tie - 71x50.5 inches (180x128cm)
bottom edging - 30x5 inches (76x12cm)

Depending on your scrap material, you may want to sew the waistband and neck strap into long tubes and turn them inside out before ironing them to make a nice, flat strap. The top support and the bottom edging should have at least a quarter inch of the border folded under and then the whole strip should be folded in half along the long edge and ironed. If you dont have an iron you can improvise by getting the fabric a little moist before folding it and keeping it moist while sewing it.

The scrap materials I used for the straps mainly came from the trimmings of a tailored coat and a fabric belt. I had to undo a bunch of stitching on my scraps before I could use them, but the remaining holes allowed me to sew back over them in straighter lines.
Waterproof Tablecloth Apron This looks absolutely amazing, and seems easy to make I’m going to try that thanks
 I've been wanting to make an apron! I, too, get water all over myself when I wash dishes. LOL!
thats really cool and the second i see a table cloth i will buy it and do this in a instant
Very nice.
Such a good idea, the waterproof apron! In fact, I put a new colorful plastic tablecloth outside for a few days, only to find the rats had nibbled the fold, so I had to cut it in half to save it. Now I will make aprons! Plus it is brilliant clothes saver when teaching children cooking or painting (and in some cases, there is no difference!).
Congratulations! My cat does the exact same thing when I am sewing, or reading the paper too.
Big, Big Congrats on winning Grand Prize Heidi!
Can someone decipher centimeters into inches for me. I am basically dumb as a rock unless it's in inches and yards. Thanks.
Sorry about that, I am in China right now and only have a metric ruler at hand. I just updated the instructable, however, by adding all of the standard measurements. Hope that helps!
Thank you for your quick response. I really appreciate it. Oh, and CUTE kitty!
I love this! I have a ton of oil cloth, so I might try to fashion one of these out of it!
Very cute and handy. I love aprons so I will have to try and make one of these aprons. Thank Heidi!! Linda Allan

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