Step 3: Preparing the Strap Pieces

Picture of Preparing the Strap Pieces
Next, prepare the four pieces of scrap material by measuring how long you will need them. This will really just depend on how big you want your apron, but I found that the following measurements worked well for me:

neck strap - 23.5x3 inches (60x8cm)
top support - 14.5x5 inches (36x12cm)
waist tie - 71x50.5 inches (180x128cm)
bottom edging - 30x5 inches (76x12cm)

Depending on your scrap material, you may want to sew the waistband and neck strap into long tubes and turn them inside out before ironing them to make a nice, flat strap. The top support and the bottom edging should have at least a quarter inch of the border folded under and then the whole strip should be folded in half along the long edge and ironed. If you dont have an iron you can improvise by getting the fabric a little moist before folding it and keeping it moist while sewing it.

The scrap materials I used for the straps mainly came from the trimmings of a tailored coat and a fabric belt. I had to undo a bunch of stitching on my scraps before I could use them, but the remaining holes allowed me to sew back over them in straighter lines.