Picture of Waterproof bicycle basket
I'm Kiki and I'm a student from the The Make Class

I got a new bike, and I really want a cheap but pretty basket for it.

But because I life in Holland, and it rains a lot, I want to make it waterproof, so I can use it here all year...

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Step 1: Equipment

Picture of Equipment
First you need a basket that can fold in and out.
It would also be nice if the basket had handlebars so you can take it with you is you so shopping at the supermarket.

And the equipment to make it work...

Step 2: Making the sides waterproof

Picture of Making the sides waterproof
The 2 short sides are going to be water proof al the time + the lowest piece of the backside.

When you fold the basket in you see the inside of the 2 short sides. Tape the inside of the plastic in with very strong double sided tape. Than place a big piece of tarpaulins tight on the surface. Than cut the extra tarpaulins of with a cutting knife.
So the tarpaulins will have the right size and is tight and waterproof on the basket. Do this on both sides and on the lowest piece of the backside.

For the finishing touch you can tape some black electrical tape at the edges on the outside of the basket. So everything stays tight and waterproof,

See pictures:

Step 3: Magnets

Picture of Magnets
Befor you fold the basket back, you have to hide the magnets inside of it. You have to make sure that the magnets are small but strong!

Because you can fold the 2 short sides in and out, you can hide the magnets in it. There is some invisible space onder the border of the basket. You just put 1 magnet on both sides in the middle of the basket.

On the backside you can click the plastic side out. And also there you can hide some magnets. You have to put at least 3 magnets in, and click the backside back in.

xtephan6 years ago
Cool! But for a Test you can throw it into a swimming pool, so we can see if your basket really waterproof is.
Well I don't think it's "waterproof" as much as it's "water-resistant".
what "previous poster said" laxyness the stuff in my basket got wet
Neelie6 years ago
I don't understand why this is in the let it glow contest. It's a great bike basket by the way, but it doesn't glow!
(removed by author or community request)
themakeclass (author)  DELETED_lsloan6 years ago
I'm still working on that one.. The original plan is to attach 2 hooks to the steering wheel so you can hang it in...
Hrm... Personally I wouldn't add such weight to the front handle bars. Steering becomes too heavy. Front baskets, in my opinion, are just for keeping an eye on small personal items, e.g. a handbag, fluffy toy, bike cable-lock, mobile phone, GPS, compass... oops, the magnets will adversely affect some of those. However, if you still want to have out out front, have a look at FriendlyOfHumanity 's garden thingy. He made a box out of old pallet and affixed it to the front using zip ties. If you make one big enough for your basket to sit into....
Isloan, I've got one of those collapsible basket also. The base is not perforated like a milk-crate would be, so zip-ties are not going to be the answer, but at least answers someone Else's question about water getting in form the bottom. We've tried it on the bike as a detachable, by using bungee cord, but because the width if more than double the width of the bike rack, it wobbled a lot and was very fiddly to tie on to the rack in such a way as to minimise the unsteadiness. If you want to leave it on the bike in a more fastened fashion, have a look at how I fastened a half a cat-carrier basket onto the rear rack. I suspect the collapsible baskets with a handle are much smaller. Mine is 53cm X 37 cm ((14.5 inches X almost 21 inches)
Rich996 years ago
I love your diamond. Congratulations on your engagement.
themakeclass (author)  Rich996 years ago
where did u get the magnets?
Pkranger886 years ago
Great idea! Just be careful about calling it waterproof. It's really just water resistant because it doesn't seal. When I'm riding in the rain, unless I have something sealed in a plastic bag or something similar I can pretty much count on it getting wet. I like the usefullness of readily available materials. Again, good job.
Vermin6 years ago
What about water from the bike wheels spraying up under the flaps? Fit some mudguards I suppose.
ShadowGirl6 years ago
Terrific Instructable. I hadn't thought of waterproofing a basket for my bike. That would work better than my back-pack for heavier objects and also be more comfortable than wearing rain-gear with a back-pack. Many thanks!
leebryuk6 years ago
After living in a wet European clime, I suggest that you look into a way to reinforce the top. In your video the water was already pooling and could find a way through. Then again, I was in England where it always seemed to rain. It soaked into everything.
konablue6 years ago
Awesome instructable! Not to be sexist at all but you're a cool girl! lol i have never seen a girl so resourceful and constructive. i know my girlfriend would just tell me to build her something lol laaaame well done
Nice 'ible. It looks decent and it dose whats its supposed to and for that good job !
caitlinsdad6 years ago
Good job. If you permanently attach the basket to the bike, you can make/sew a removeable waterproof bag from the material. It would probably look like those IKEA totes with long/short straps for handles. You can also add a drink holder or tiedown in the basket. Lots of possibilities.
mycroftxxx6 years ago
Nicely done! Very good job with the instructions and the video showing the function at the end.