I'm Kiki and I'm a student from the The Make Class

I got a new bike, and I really want a cheap but pretty basket for it.

But because I life in Holland, and it rains a lot, I want to make it waterproof, so I can use it here all year...

Step 1: Equipment

First you need a basket that can fold in and out.
It would also be nice if the basket had handlebars so you can take it with you is you so shopping at the supermarket.

And the equipment to make it work...
Cool! But for a Test you can throw it into a swimming pool, so we can see if your basket really waterproof is.
Well I don't think it's "waterproof" as much as it's "water-resistant".
what "previous poster said" laxyness the stuff in my basket got wet
I don't understand why this is in the let it glow contest. It's a great bike basket by the way, but it doesn't glow!
I love your diamond. Congratulations on your engagement.
where did u get the magnets?
Great idea! Just be careful about calling it waterproof. It's really just water resistant because it doesn't seal. When I'm riding in the rain, unless I have something sealed in a plastic bag or something similar I can pretty much count on it getting wet. I like the usefullness of readily available materials. Again, good job.
What about water from the bike wheels spraying up under the flaps? Fit some mudguards I suppose.
Terrific Instructable. I hadn't thought of waterproofing a basket for my bike. That would work better than my back-pack for heavier objects and also be more comfortable than wearing rain-gear with a back-pack. Many thanks!
After living in a wet European clime, I suggest that you look into a way to reinforce the top. In your video the water was already pooling and could find a way through. Then again, I was in England where it always seemed to rain. It soaked into everything.
Awesome instructable! Not to be sexist at all but you're a cool girl! lol i have never seen a girl so resourceful and constructive. i know my girlfriend would just tell me to build her something lol laaaame well done
Nice 'ible. It looks decent and it dose whats its supposed to and for that good job !
Good job. If you permanently attach the basket to the bike, you can make/sew a removeable waterproof bag from the material. It would probably look like those IKEA totes with long/short straps for handles. You can also add a drink holder or tiedown in the basket. Lots of possibilities.
Nicely done! Very good job with the instructions and the video showing the function at the end.

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