When you're crate training, it's nice to give your pup something soft to sleep on. The problem is that most pups will have accidents, so anything fabric is pretty much going to get ruined, including every commercial crate cushion I've ever seen. But, with just a little bit of time and $15-20 you can make an awesome custom crate cushion. Your pup will love it!

Step 1: Gather Supplies

You only need a few supplies:

Egg crate - the kind you use as a mattress cover; a twin size will do. Mine cost $10.

Shower Curtain - get a sturdy vinyl one, not one of those flimsy shower liners (your dog will be able to scratch/bite through a flimsy one). They make so many different patterns and colors you can even pick one to match your decor. I got mine on clearance for $8

Duct Tape ($3)

Egg crates are used to give extra support to your back and it fits over a mattress.. Most hospital at one time use them for those having to spend extended time in bed .... Have a great day
i like the idea but what is "egg crate"
You may also consider taking the plastic liner (black tray) out to cut the egg crate to make it the right size. :)
I made this item thinking my two puppies wouldn't be able to destroy it like every other cushion-type item I've put in their kennel so far. And I'm sorry to report, they have destroyed it completely within an hour. Bummer for me, but thanks for the great idea!
Nicely done, and cute pup!
Ditto. Is that a Saint Bernard puppy? Sooo cute. And a very helpful and innovative Instructable. Thanks!

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