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There are many ways to make fire starters that can help you make fire when the circumstances are not ideal, for example high humidity, wet branches etc.. They can burn for even 10-15 min depending on their size, which is more than enough to make a fire.

Step 1: The first way

Picture of The first way
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For the first type of fire starters you will need a candle, or a piece of wax and some sawdust. Cut the candle, put it in a can and place it on fire to melt the wax. When the wax is melted add sawdust. Put as much as possible sawdust to be able to make pieces as in the first photo. Use The wick of a candle to lit the fire starter easily. "Bake" the thing you made around the wick and you are ready to use your fire starter.


Excellent ideas, simple,waterproof and ready at a moments notice. this is the sort of project that anyone could do and have a sucesseful chance at starting a fire. Well done, and thanks for the handy tips!

thomasruch10 months ago

It's really simple to realize, very usefull! Thanks.

vu2aeo1 year ago

Excellent idea! thanks for uploading this.

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gnelson21 year ago
Looks like a great idea, but first one looks like a piece of poo, and the second one looks like a dirty tampon.

These are great, especially if you're going backpacking at a rainy time of year!

laffinm1 year ago
Sweet! Made kinda like a candle.

"Fire Turds"