This instructable shows you how to easily build a water proof housing for your mobile phone.

Trying to use my mobile phone as a navigation and tracking device during a bicycle tour forced me to look for a proper dock to mount it on the handlebar of my bike. I am using a HTC desire Z. This mobile has a keyboard that can be folded underneath the display. It's an android phone where many mapping and navigation apps exist on the market.

After a long search I realized that there is no dock available that fits my needs;

1. Waterproof even during heavy rainfall
2. Securely mountable on the handlebar, stay there also during accidents
3. Easy mounting of the phone
4. Access to screen (touch display) and keyboard druing the travel

As there where not much time left until our easter tour I had to find a quick, simple and easy solution.

Step 1: Parts Needed

The expensive part you need is a box that is designed to keep your food fresh.
I recommend using a good quality box like the emsa clip & close. The box can easily be open and closed with clips. The box is made of strong but flexible platics and uses a rubber ring to ensure that it is sealed tightly wen closed.

Besides the box you need some wire strap, a block of styrofoam and the following tools;
 - some sharp knife, I used a scalpel
 - a ruler
 - pliers
 - a marker pen
 - a hot wire styrofoam cutter

i build the hit wire styrofoam cutter myself, using a power supply a big resistor and a wire mounted on a holder. The restor is used to adjust the current that flows through the cutting wire and thus regulate the heat that the wire produces.
This would be great because it could fit a battery also, I really don't want to run USB to my phone from my paniers or find some other way to hold my battery.
We went on a bicycle holiday to the UK last year. I used a regular bag with a see-through plastic bag on top which is supposed to be used with maps. I always put my phone in there and it stays dry, because that is what it is made for.
super creative! I've always wanted to do something similar. thanks!
Thank you for the flowers ...<br><br>The nice thing is that it is easy, cheap and very robust. Only thing I need to fix is to get better access to the on/off push button of my mobile device. The push button is located at the top of the phone and I have to open the cover to reach it. <br><br>Maybe you or someone else has some suggestions how to fix that ...
Maybe u can drill small holes in the box and flexibly stick aluminum foils on it.
Brilliant! I really like this!

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