In this instructable i will show you how to make mini waterproof speakers that you can use everywhere

Step 1: You Will Need

Hot glue or Epoxy
Soldering iron
Waterproof container 
Speakers and amplifier
Sanding paper

Step 2: Remove Speakers

Remove speakers and amplifier from speaker housing

Step 3: Desoldering

Desolder speakers
You will need only right speaker

Step 4: Cut the Lid

Mark it and then cut the lid and sand it so it will perfectly fit on speaker

Step 5: Mixing Epoxy

Now mix epoxy and glue the speaker on lid
You can do this with hot glue but i prefer epoxy

Step 6: Put Speakers in Container

Drill hole for the power and audio cable 
Put amplifier inside
Now solder speaker to right channel

Step 7: Test It

Now test it 
If its everything ok then put some hot glue into hole to isolate it

Step 8: You Are Done!

Now just close it and you have waterproof speaker :D

<p>Great idea. I'm using a smaller version of this to build into the straps of my back pack. :D</p>
<p>that amp is from speakers yes? because it sound pretty good! A link for the speakers maybe? </p>
<p>it was from some no name speakers </p>
<p>is there any info on it? serial number or something like that?</p>
<p>it uses TDA2822 IC in stereo configuration and its powered with 4xaaa (6V input)<br>You can make your own TDA2822 amp in bridged configuration (if you have one speaker) and it will give 2-3W at 4Ohms (in stereo 1W/channel at 4Ohm)<br> </p>
<p>were those speakers like these?</p>
<p>thanks for info! by the way good intructable! </p>
I've got to ask - have you tested these wet? <br> <br>And what do you mean by &quot;waterproof&quot;? Are they shower-proof? Submersible?
Yes i test it (i will post video later) <br>And yes they are submersible
!! Brilliant !! <br> <br>Love the Video and a great instructable ! <br> <br>Thanks for sharing !!! <br> <br>;-)

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