Adapting an easily obtainable off-the-shelf storage case for use as a highly protective camera case, in this case, fitting a Canon SD-500, SD-400, or SD-550 perfectly.

The resulting case is waterproof and protects the delicate camera from scratches and mild shocks (i.e. knocking over on table, banging around in your backpack/daypack). The case is lexan (polycarbonate), a pretty tough material, but still, dropping it onto a concrete floor will probably break the *internal* mechanics and glass of the camera due to momentum, even if the exterior will be largely protected.

A friend cracked the glass of the LCD screen on his camera, which would not have happened if he had it in this case.

Step 1: Buy a Witz Brand 'Keep-It' Case, Clear Style

This can be had for $8 at REI stores or REI.com product page and lots of other online retailers.

Or, just google "Witz Keep-It Clear". If you have an REI store nearby, you can order online and have it delivered to the store for pick-up with no shipping charges.

Description of the case, from Witz' website

Size: 2.7" wide x 4.3" high x 1.3" deep
Features: Translucent color / Nylon lanyard with breakaway clip (or carabiner) / Portable size / 250% larger than See-It Safe® / 7 colors


In revision 0 of my case, I used some off-brand clone of the Witz case, which turned out to be slightly too small to hold my SD-500, but which might have held a slimmer SD-400 perfectly fine.

I used the type with a lanyard (which I later shortened to function as an extra locking strap); the carabiner style might also be useful.

Clear (colored or not) is nice, but not essential. The padding you'll put inside will obscure most of the view anyway.
<p>I just inherited a Canon Power Shot A3400 that I want to use as a relatively decent take anywhere pocket camera, and started looking for a truly heavy-duty cost effective case after killing 2 other similar sized point and shoot models due to dust, snow, high humidity and the like. This looks to be a near perfect solution to my quest! Thanks for taking the time to share.</p>
This looks like a nice case. It is good idea to have something like this as part of your camping equipment. I found a similar case at www.patriotprovisions.com.
This clear camera case looks awesome and the variety of bright colors makes it easy to keep track of when traveling. The sturdiness and waterproofing of the case makes it really effective. Do they make similar products for <a href="http://www.slimpickensproducts.com">dakota 20 gps</a> devices? It is fun to take these when traveling as well and they could also benefit from a water and shock proof cover.
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i got the same exact case (just different color) for $3.50 at the local surplus store. I love those things
Very nice instructable for custom-fitting a case - witz also sells cases which already have padding on their site, too, depending on your camera dimensions:<br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.witzprod.com/product_info.php?cPath=23&amp;products_id=38&amp;osCsid=2327c99f60259590bcb8dc6c971f5bbd">http://www.witzprod.com/product_info.php?cPath=23&amp;products_id=38&amp;osCsid=2327c99f60259590bcb8dc6c971f5bbd</a><br/>
Of course those premade padded cases are relatively HUGE (to accomodate a wide range of camera sizes). This one is the same shape as the camera (Canon SD series), and only about 1/4 inch bigger on all sides (which makes the encased camera considerably larger than the tiny naked camera, but the encased package still fits into most coat and back pockets).
I can't wait for some creative people that have time and money on their side to turn one of these into a dive case. I am sure it can be done and I know there are several other methods but these aren't far off from how expensive dive cases are constructed.
I've been wanting that for a while.. not for diving but for action photography when snowboarding. the problem is that most digital cameras (except the new style of "flat" ones with folded optics) have a motorized lens that pops out about an inch and a half, requiring the case to be huge. FYI, there is an Instructable here somewhere on making a watertight camcorder case plus remote control for diving. search for it.
very cool -&gt; i have almost the same idea, 4 weeks ago...to get my canon ixus 50 clean and save from water and dirt on my trip to sweden (http://www.pixelklecks.de/Schweden2006)<br/><br/>Pic from my type of case :<br/>

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