Swimming for 30min-2hrs at my local health club is fun, but music definitely helps! I didn't want to pay $150 for a waterproof mp3 player so here's my solution for under $15 (I already own an ipod though).

You will need:
1) iPod shuffle or any small mp3 player
2) WATERPROOF headphones. I paid $11 on Amazon
3) Small party balloon (a dozen costs $1 at most stores)
4) rubberband
5) goggles and swimming cap

DISCLAIMER: Try at your own risk. Mine works great, but I cannot be responsible for your ipod. Use a NEW balloon before each workout.

Step 1: Insert IPod in Balloon

Insert iPod in balloon. I found that tucking the round end of balloon under the iPod clip helps keep it neat. It also gives you the option of using the clip, even though I don't use it.
definitely intriguing. Great 'ible.
Thx. It's really simple but effective:)
<p>how do you get the ipod in without tearing the opening of the balloon? I had to toss my first balloon. The second one I managed to get the iPod in with only one hole at the mouth, but still not great.</p><p>The iPod was moist when I took it out after my swim. I will need to test some more.</p>
@booyau: which ipod were you using? I have an older shuffle and it goes inside balloon np. Maybe try a different ballon(don't get the really cheap ones that are too thin). I got my balloons at Walmart and they work fine. Remember to twist opening and tighten with rubber band. If it still leaks I would discontinue pool use. Good luck!
Awesome! You just saved me $150. <br> <br>I've been told that listening to music while swimming works well if you need a beat, but that things like podcasts or voice recordings are inaudible amidst all the water noise. Have you found this to be the case?
thx! I just listen to music so I can't comment on the podcasts. Yes the beat or genre of music dictates if i'm taking it easy or fast(eye of the tiger lol).
this is great i'm a swimmer and i'm always singing in my head when im doing my long swims.
Glad u like it! Lemme know if it works for you:)

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