Introduction: Waterwise Arrangement.

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My entry way gets the harsh direct light all day long so after trial and error I have come to arrange these plant that look beautiful and need little water and don't get burned in the sun. You can use these in your backyard or entryway. The Lantana will cascade down and will looks so lovely in about a 6 months time. I love the yellow and green color combination. Big benefit they are waterwise plants. Bring that today is earth day.

I live in California and my house get sun and it is harsh direct sunlight. So after killing lot of plants I have these one working and looking great for me..

Step 1: Items Needed

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2 large planters

2 Bird of paradise- white

2 Lantana- yellow or any colour.

2 sunburst or black aeonium cutting or plant.

2 grass.

Potting soil-Large Bag.

Filler Broken pot chips for good drainage or use stones or crushed old tin of canned food.

Step 2: Build It

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Adding a bit of greenry just makes any space look so much prettier. Also with some arrangement you dont need to have a green thumb.

Fill the pot with clay chips of broken pot 6 to 9 inches. This is done so that the water drains well and does not hold inside, thereby rotting the plant roots. You can also use pebbles, used empty tin cans .

Then fill it half with soil.

Now place the Large Bird of paridise in the center and then over it with soil . Around it I have planted lantana to have a cascading effect and used sunburst and black aeionium cutting. For making cutting please look at the next section on Cutting.

Watering -Water the planter well for the first few week while the plants are rooting. After that they need water once a week. When watering water enough that the water starts to flow out of the pot. At this time stop watering.

Also u can surround the big planter will small plants I am using Jade and other succulent arrangements I had made earlier to make it look pretty.

Step 3: How to Make Aeonium Cutting

I have sunburst and black aeonium plant at home so I took the cutting or you can buy a cutting very cheap from the local nursery instead of buying a full grown plant.

First I snip a flower with a branch.

Then let the cutting air dry for 2 to 3 day in a sunny place.

After that plant the cutting in the arrangement. It will root in 3 weeks or so.


verdam (author)2015-04-26

great work

SonikaJAnand (author)verdam2015-04-26


Harrys6 (author)2015-04-23

It's pretty... You share with us really great post.I really like it and say you are doing really good work. Bundle of thanks...

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SonikaJAnand (author)Harrys62015-04-24

Thanks a lot and I will be sure to check out the url you provided me for the gym mat.

CJA3D (author)2015-04-22

Awesome, pretty!! great use of the broken pot to prevent the roots from rotting .. I have had this problem before ..thanks for the tip.

SonikaJAnand (author)CJA3D2015-04-22

Thank you Carmelito. You can also use old crushed soup tin can, pebbles, egshells.

CJA3D (author)SonikaJAnand2015-04-22

Not sure about egg shell's :D because of the smell, may be i will have to go through the trouble of drying them, but Yes on pebbles and tin cans..

MikeR3 (author)2015-04-22

I live in FL, so I have to add a piece of fine mesh, like window screen to the very bottom of the pot. Otherwise, all kinds of bugs crawl up into the pots and take up residence.

Very Nice Plantings!

SonikaJAnand (author)MikeR32015-04-22

Thanks. We all learn from each other. Mesh is a great idea...

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