Step 6: Laser Cutting

Picture of Laser Cutting
I fed the vector layout to our laser cutter, and let it rip. It took about twenty minutes to get both layouts cut out. For reference, I used 100% power at 18% speed. You can see images of the pieces being cut out and punched out, below.
kthunt6 years ago
I also have an Epilog laser and you can get better cuts in plywood if you lower the power and have it take 2 or 3 passes. The problem is that the typical glue used in plywood is not laser friendly so it takes alot more heat than the wood. So you roast the wood tying to get through the glue. Taking more passes at lower power gives less charring, a thinner kerf and better control. The trade off is a little more time. Also search for Laser Birch Dieboard which uses special glues.
nagutron (author)  kthunt6 years ago
This is great information! Thanks.
I really love this! I would love to have one, how much were you thinking to charge? But I imagine it would be expensive to ship.
u can better use a cnc router for the same
verbatin016 years ago
where would you find a laser cutter capable of using a digital image? How much did this cost?
nagutron (author)  verbatin016 years ago
Well, I'm in the uncommon situation of having access to the Epilog laser cutter here at Instructables HQ. You can check out Ponoko if you'd like to be able to order laser cut items. You can also make me an offer on this laptop stand or one like it.
I don't mean to cast aside your awesome work, but this isn't exactly in the instructables spirit of things. I mean, what's the use of an instructable that almost no one is capable of using? You very well may not have considered this, but It's a bit frustrating to get your hopes up for nothing.