Wave Viewer - A Mechanical Oscilloscope

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Step 2: Painting the bucket

Picture of Painting the bucket
Painting Stripes2.jpg
Painting all Stripes.jpg
The oscilloscope illusion results from watching a vibrating, black string against a background of alternating light and dark lines.  We'll need to create a black cylinder with white, vertical "pinstripes."

Paint the Bucket:  Flip the bucket upside-down and paint the outside completely black with spray paint.  (Make sure that you use a paint that's recommended for use on plastics.)

Add the Stripes:  Once the black coat is dry, paint twelve evenly-spaced, white "pinstripes" around the sides of the bucket.  Masking tape makes for super-straight lines;  aim to make them about 1/8" thick.

To help place the lines, I first made twelve white dots in a clock-face arrangement on the "bottom" (now "top") of the bucket, then used these marks as a guide when adding the tape and paint.

While the white stripes dry, move on the to next steps.
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