Step 5: Attach the lid to the bearing

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1.)  Hold the lid over the bearing so that the "inside" surface of the lid faces upward.  (This is so that you can attach the bucket to the lid.) 

2.)  Align the four holes in the lid with the four machine screws, and pull the screws up through the holes in the bucket.  (This part takes a bit of fiddling -- it helps to have a second pair of hands!)

3.)  Use the appropriate-sized nuts to attach the lid to the turntable bearing.  Use pliers to tighten the nuts as far as possible.
rusty01013 years ago
A tip for doing this on your own.

Get four pieces of string, the diamater of the bucket lid should be long enough.

Tie one end of each string to the thread of one each of the machine screws.

thread the other end of the string through it's respective hole in the lid for the bucket. (Optionally tie the ends together once through the lid, not necessary, but may be helpful.

Now use the string to guide the screw through the hole in the bucket lid.

Remove the string and attach the nuts.

Separate tip if you have the time. To make it easier to tighten the nuts,

- Before putting the machine screws in the turntable bearing to begin with, put one or more of the nuts on the machine screw
- mount the screw in a vice.
- Using a hacksaw cut a clot in the end of the screw so that you can provide leverage for tightening with a flat head screwdriver.
- Remove the machine screw from the vice
- remove the nut from the machine screw - This will do some repairs to the threads you cut with the hack saw, reducing the chances you will cross thread the nut onto the screw when assembiling the turntable.

Hope someone finds these tips helpful.
another option for getting the machine screws to mount into the holes in the lid easier would be to tighten them to the turntable bearing with a second set of nuts, make sure that they are positioned correctly, and adjust as needed, then mount the turntable bearing to the wood base. This may also reduce the need for a way to hold the bolt fast when tightening the lid down to it.

Obviously if you have a welder, and the steel of the bearing and the machine screw are compatible enough, you could just spot weld them in place, though adjusting that would be a bit more difficult.

Over all I like the project. Thanks for sharing the instructable.