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Wavebot is an artbot that converts sound to images. Using a controllable pen, it draws the waveforms of the currently playing audio. Wavebot consists of a soft- and hardware part.

The open-source software Processing is used to analyse an audio file or microphone input. Using the minim library, it calculates the coördinates of the waveform and sends them to an Arduino using a serial connection.

An arduino with motor shield is used to drive a motor and a servo. The motor is used to advance a roll of paper, on which a pen, controlled with the servo, draws the waveforms. As Wavebot was a prototype (yet functional), it has a wooden enclosure with lots of tape.


(make sure to have the Minim library installed)


Sembot (author)2016-11-18


I found a code that fits what I want ( I think )

Normally should be replaced in the bottom line 300 by 1023 but it does not work right, does anyone know the reason

val = map (fall, 0, 300, 0, 179);
Also you must speak fairly loudly, how come it
I am using a MAX4466 electret microphone amplifier B0B # 5646, an Arduino Uno and SG90 9G servos

Who can help

At last i need a motor or servo motor, with a potentiometer in order to measure the speed also in the programma

#include <Servo.h>

Servo myservo;
int val;
int SoundInPin = A0;
void setup()
pinMode(SoundInPin, INPUT);
void loop()
int sensorValue = analogRead(SoundInPin);
val = analogRead(0);
val = map(val, 0, 300, 0, 179);

Kind Regards

Sembot (author)2016-11-09


I can open the 2 source codes , can you help me please

Kind Regards

TeisD (author)Sembot2016-11-10

Hey Sembot

The code used to be hosted on my school server, but I'm afraid it's lost forever.

It shouldn't be too hard to rewrite though. I think some parts of this nice guide on Minim could get you started.

Sembot (author)TeisD2016-11-14

Hai ,

Thanks for the quick info ,but I am a bad programmer

I'll have to look a little further on the internet for a solution

In any case, thanks for the effort

Kind regards

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