This project is related to new storage media.(This soudwaves are recorded messages from your precious.(And you can hear the message everytime you want.

See this movie!

1.Record Messages (Rec&Restration.pd     samplingrate:5000,arraysize:4000).
2.Make Circle to cut by laser cutter (CircleMaker.pde)

Laser cut & Fabrication

3.Take a picture of waveform object.
(after take a picture of waveform object , you have to edit a picture to binary image. )
4.Make txt file with soudtxtmaker.pde
5.Read txt file and playback (Rec&Restration.pd).
metalman1138 <br>Hi ! Thank you for your reply. <br>So do I. waveform is so cool ! <br>
Very cool, always like the pattern of the waveform.

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