Picture of Waveform Necklace & Bracelet
Get an unique necklace or bracelet, by recording your voice!
The design of this necklace is generated from any kind of audio sample, its shape represents the audios waveform.
Send a love message, record the first words of your child, use the hook of your favourite song - it's up to you.

Check my website and Facebook to see how it can look like.
I'm selling them there as well in case you don't want to make it on your own.

I had some people asking for help commercializing this project.
I am still selling these necklaces/bracelets and I would prefer to stay the only provider.
This tutorial was made to enable people to make these if they can't afford mine,
they want further customization or just for their fun of making a DIY project.
Build as many as you want for all your friends and family.
I'm just asking you not to make money with this idea. Thanks!

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Step 1: Download the software

You will need the following software to create your necklace:

- an audio editor like Audacity (free)

- an image editor like Photoshop (trial will do) or GIMP (free)

- a vector or CAD editor like Illustrator (trial) or Inkscape (free) as a productdesigner I like Rhino3d

you can have the necklace produced by a local vendor or an online service like

Step 2: Record your voice and take a screenshot of the waveform

Picture of record your voice and take a screenshot of the waveform
Record your voice or open an audio clip.
You can record your voice within Audacity by pressing the record button.
If you have your file already, open it with audacity.
If you want to use a mp3 file, keep in mind Audacity doesn't support mp3 natively -
you need to download the LAME encoder plugin.
ow choose the part you want to use (I guess you are familiar with play buttons).
When you decided for a part, scale (see the arrows) the wave so it's big. 
Now take a screenshot of the wave
(mac user do it like this, windows users like that, linux users are nerdy enough to know how this works)

How can I get this printed ? the circles i mean

bzabiz (author)  lisa.vandijk.799 days ago
you need to have them lasecut. there was also a guy who made an openscad version to 3d print these
(removed by author or community request)
bzabiz (author)  dbenninger11 year ago
works for me, but just uploaded everything to my server again:
Pfarmkid1 year ago
I saw once someone recorded there now wife saying Yes when he proposed then made her a necklace with the waveform of it. Thought it would be a cool idea for someone on here.
Buttons would work too, plus buttons are as colorful as you would want them.
tealribbon12 years ago
love it omg so cool
imajem2 years ago
This audacity won't work on my there something else that will work with win7??? 64 bit machine???
bzabiz (author)  imajem2 years ago
same configuration here, audacity works.
you can use any audio editor.
audacity is just the best open source choice.
lswett12 years ago
So...does everyone but me have a $3000 to $5000 laser cutter lying around?  I love the idea but when I research the laser cutter, $$$ is all I can find.
Ponoko and Shapeways do laser cutting and 3d printing services, and aren't too dear :)
bfiore lswett12 years ago
Though it may not look as classy, I'm sure you could find an array of assorted washers at your local hardware store that suit the math.
bzabiz (author)  bfiore2 years ago
should be hard to find a couple of various sizes that maintain the thickness as well as the radius of the inner hole...
bzabiz (author)  lswett12 years ago
Hi Iswett,

Of course I neither own a lasercutter.
As I mentioned in the first step you can have everything cut by a local vendor or order your parts online. has a good choice of material, they are cheap and ship quickly within the US. Check out their site.
agis682 years ago
so that's a cool idea to keep someone's beloved
simplebeep2 years ago
This is a remarkably cool idea!