Step 3: Create the beads

Picture of create the beads
Either you go the easy way and download the ones I prepared, or you draw them yourself.
First you have to make some decisions:

- How thick will the string be you are going to use?
- How many different bead sizes you want to use (We'll use 12 here)?
- How big should the biggest disc be?

Let's say our string is 2mm, so we use an inner diameter of 2.5mm which stays the same for all beads.
We'll start with an outer diameter of 5mm an will increase in 1.5mm steps so the biggest disc will have a diameter of 21.5 mm.
You can choose these values

Select the ellipse tool and make sure paths are not filled.
Now hold the alt key and click somewhere on the artboard. 
You'll be able to enter numeric values now. we use 2.5 x 2.5mm 
Then we do this step again using a value of 5mm and this time when clicking on the artboard will click in the center
of the circle we drew previously. Smart guides will guide us.
Make sure to enable them or click accurately.
So we got our first bead. let's continue until we have 12 (or how many different sizes you like to have)