Step 4: Stencil

Now we open our screenshot we took from Audacity in our photo editor and overlay it with a stencil.
You can create this stencil yourself or just download mine.
Scale the stencil so the first row starts in the middle of your wave
and the first and last column match the beginning and end of your wave.

This stencil has 80 columns. If you use a material of 1mm thickness, your necklace will have a lentgh of 8cm. Easy math. So calculate how thick your material is, how long you want your necklace to be and start calculating how mani columns you'll have to use.

<p>hi david</p><p>How can I make that stencil design for the laser cut? with all the arrows and unions</p><p>i cant do it. i am search but not find</p>
Hi Burak,<br><br>I made it with Rhino 3d.<br>You can also use Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape which is open source.<br>It's a lot of manual work with splitting lines and stuff.<br>You need to become familiar with any kind of vector editing software.<br>But ones you get the basics it's not that hard to do...
<p>I had a lot of difficulties trying to figure out how to use Audacity for this, and ended up writing some code to do it for me. There's a blog post on how I did this at http://www.lshift.net/blog/2015/09/06/waveform-necklace-as-a-service/ and a website I made that'll help others make the files https://waveform-necklace.herokuapp.com/</p>
Hey Palfrey.<br>That's pretty awesome.<br>Should have hired you as a developer long time ago ;)<br>Would have saved a lot of work.<br>I'll add your link to the tutorial. Very nicely done!
<p>How can I make that stencil design for the laser cut? with all the arrows and unions</p>
I replied to your PM already.<br>Describing in detail how to use Illustrator is out of the scope of this guide. You will draw the shapes and use &quot;pathfinder&quot; to combine them. However you wont need them. Arranging the individual beads will do. Breaking pieces out from the stencil leaves sharp edges anyways, why I discontinued this design...
Can we just use air dry clay for beads and ukelele strings for the string?
I mean, is it possible?
<p>I guess so. Kinda laborious to make all the clay beads, but if you want to invest that time it should work well (Haven't logged in here for a while why my answer appears with a delay of 8 months ;))</p>
<p>How can I get this printed ? the circles i mean</p>
you need to have them lasecut. there was also a guy who made an openscad version to 3d print these http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:60020
I saw once someone recorded there now wife saying Yes when he proposed then made her a necklace with the waveform of it. Thought it would be a cool idea for someone on here.
Buttons would work too, plus buttons are as colorful as you would want them.
love it omg so cool
This audacity won't work on my computer....is there something else that will work with win7??? 64 bit machine???
same configuration here, audacity works. <br>you can use any audio editor. <br>audacity is just the best open source choice.
So...does everyone but me have a $3000 to $5000 laser cutter lying around?&nbsp; I love the idea but when I research the laser cutter, $$$ is all I can find.
Ponoko and Shapeways do laser cutting and 3d printing services, and aren't too dear :)
Though it may not look as classy, I'm sure you could find an array of assorted washers at your local hardware store that suit the math.
should be hard to find a couple of various sizes that maintain the thickness as well as the radius of the inner hole...
Hi Iswett, <br> <br>Of course I neither own a lasercutter. <br>As I mentioned in the first step you can have everything cut by a local vendor or order your parts online. Ponoko.com has a good choice of material, they are cheap and ship quickly within the US. Check out their site.
so that's a cool idea to keep someone's beloved voice.......wow
This is a remarkably cool idea!

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