Waves in a Bottle - Relaxing Toy for Kids





Introduction: Waves in a Bottle - Relaxing Toy for Kids

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What ?

Very relaxing and easy to make toy - waves in the bottle.

What will be needed ?

Water & dye (watercolor for example, or food dye)


Transparent Oil (baby oil is ok)

Step 1: Making Ocean

Making ocean is really simple ;-) Just pour the water to the cup, mix it with the paint and then pour mixture to the bottle.

Step 2: Making the Atmosphere

Now pour the baby oil to the bottle and close it very good to avoid any leaking during play

Step 3: The End - Ocean in Your Hand

That's all.It was really easy. Now turn the bottle and watch how waves are emerging.

I recommend You to watch the video I''ve attached to this instructable because pictures doesn't show how beautiful and relaxing could be the waves.



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    I love it. I have always wondered how that was done. Thank You.

    Ha, I remember these were big in the 80's. I had a motorized one that slowly kept it moving. Pretty cool.

    Cool, a video would be nice.

    there is a video at The top. click on it:)

    What are the measurements of water/paint/ and oil? Is there a specific ratio that should be followed? You use paint or food color?

    Oh, and I'm using ordinal kids waterpaints.

    There isn't special ratio.

    From my experiments it gives the best effect when You mix 1/3 of colourde water with 2/3 of oil.