What ?

Very relaxing and easy to make toy - waves in the bottle.

What will be needed ?

Water & dye (watercolor for example, or food dye)


Transparent Oil (baby oil is ok)

Step 1: Making Ocean

Making ocean is really simple ;-) Just pour the water to the cup, mix it with the paint and then pour mixture to the bottle.

<p>I love it. I have always wondered how that was done. Thank You.</p>
<p>I love it! </p>
<p>Ha, I remember these were big in the 80's. I had a motorized one that slowly kept it moving. Pretty cool.</p>
Cool, a video would be nice.
there is a video at The top. click on it:)
<p>What are the measurements of water/paint/ and oil? Is there a specific ratio that should be followed? You use paint or food color?</p>
<p>Oh, and I'm using ordinal kids waterpaints.</p>
<p>There isn't special ratio.</p><p>From my experiments it gives the best effect when You mix 1/3 of colourde water with 2/3 of oil.</p>

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