Picture of Waving Key Flower a Steampunk version
My Steampunk version of a waving vibrant flower.
I build this as a birthday gift for my wife.
The jiggling flower shows the unbridled and raw force of our nature and elements.

This version carries as a result of the bloom flower form the name Key Flower.

First of all take a look on this video to see enchanting effect of this flower.

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Step 1: Parts list

Picture of Parts list
You only need a few parts...
  • Waving Flower
  • Brass Cover Plate for a Keyhole
  • Burner Cover of an brass Oil Lamp
  • small and short Brass Tube
  • Plumb
For a better design...
  • Brass or Tin pot
  • Wooden Plate
  • Wood Stain
  • A larger solar panel (more powerfull)

Step 2: Dissemble and build the leaves

Picture of Dissemble and build the leaves
First of all dissemble all parts of the flower.
Cut the leaves as short as possible but left a short part over who you can glue the brass leaf on.

Cut the keyhole out of the cover plate in the same diameter of the burner cover of the oil lamp.

The rest is your leaf…
Bend the leaf in a nice curved form. You can use the old plastic leaf to proof your success.
If you are happy glue the brass leaf on the plastic part.

Step 3: Build the bloom

Picture of Build the bloom
I glue the round cut keyhole into the cover of the oil lamp which normally fits the glass cylinder.
To close the backside I glue a clock gear on.
I bend the Brass pipe in a nice curved form and solder it on the clock gear of the new bloom.

Now it is very important that you find the right balance of the complete part!

You see on the picture that the finished bloom stand well balanced on a 4mm thick brass pipe.
much prefer the final flower that you have built that the coloured one that you disassembled I love the final piece you have done a fantastic job of it, :)
That's awesome! What a fantastic makeover. :)