My Steampunk version of a waving vibrant flower.
I build this as a birthday gift for my wife.
The jiggling flower shows the unbridled and raw force of our nature and elements.

This version carries as a result of the bloom flower form the name Key Flower.

First of all take a look on this video to see enchanting effect of this flower.

Step 1: Parts List

You only need a few parts...
  • Waving Flower
  • Brass Cover Plate for a Keyhole
  • Burner Cover of an brass Oil Lamp
  • small and short Brass Tube
  • Plumb
For a better design...
  • Brass or Tin pot
  • Wooden Plate
  • Wood Stain
  • A larger solar panel (more powerfull)
much prefer the final flower that you have built that the coloured one that you disassembled I love the final piece you have done a fantastic job of it, :)
That's awesome! What a fantastic makeover. :)

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Bio: Steampunk-Design builds and developed the most modern technical equipment, fine jewelry and futuristic devices implemented with funds and materials of the Victorian era.
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