Wavy Weave Bracelet


Introduction: Wavy Weave Bracelet

Step 1: Supplies!!!

~ Craft Lace, Jute, Hemp, Paracord, etc. ~ Scissors

Step 2: Length

You will need a length of string 4-6x your wrist size.

Step 3: Starting

First, move to the center of your string. Make a loop. (Photo 1) Next, make an over hand-knot, leaving at least a 3 inch loop (Photo 2)

Step 4: The Pattern

Now, make a loop. (Photo 1) Pass a loop made with the other string through the first loop and pass it through (Not pulling all the way through) (Photo 2) Pull the first loop tight. (Photo 3) Using the same string that you just pulled, pass a loop through the other loop. (Photo 4) Tighten the string of the loop that is around the new loop! (Photo 5) Repeat Photos(Steps) 1-5 until you reach desired length.

Step 5: Ending It!!!!

Now that you have reached your desired length, you need to end the bracelet!! Pull your last loop all the way through! (Photo 1-2) Now find the loop in the middle as shown in (Photo 3) Feed the other string through it! (Photo 4-5) Pull Tight!! (Photo 6) Now at the other end, clip the loop!! (Photo 7-8) Or you can leave the loop! (Photo 9)

Step 6: !!!Enjoy!!!

Enjoy your new bracelet!! Two sided ending (Photo 2) Loop ending(Photo 3)



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