Introduction: Wax Resist

Wax resist is a kind of art I learned in school. It's super easy and super fun.

Step 1: Get the Right Materials

You need the following items
1.scratch paper or newspaper and lots of it
2.a paint brush
3. Your paints
4. Candles (the wax kind)
5.a piece of paper or an old notebook
6.a pen or a pencil
8.Yourself and Your creativity

Step 2: Draft

Draw a draft in a piece of paper or your notebook.

Step 3: It's Just Getting Started

Spread your papers or newspapers in your floor or table

Step 4: Waxing Your Dreams Come True

Get your candle and draw anything you like just hold it like a crayon.

Step 5: Reveal Your Masterpiece

Put paint on your paper and see how the magic happens

Step 6: Ending

Let it dry and show it to anyone or keep it to yourself. Please follow me Agoodgirl.


Brooklyntonia made it! (author)2015-09-29

I remixed your ible as a crayon resist painting. Thanks!

rasha yellow (author)2013-10-05

Draw stars and then paint the night sky-it would be really pretty. In elementary school I did the same thing :)

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