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This comes to me via my friend Haley Moore. She’s been working on a fantastic Kickstarter campaign called Laser Lace Letters. (Check it out here: Over the last weekend I got to sit in on a small demo she did with wax seals. We designed our own and then cut them on a laser cutter, thanks to the Dallas Makerspace. She had a fabulous trick for preserving your wax seals to use on other projects. Sometimes trying to melt the wax onto your letter or artwork can be messy and you run the risk of messing it up (I know I have) but her neat technique is so simple and allows you to put your seals on anything and everything. I've recreated it here for you guys.

1. Metal sheet (this could be anything flat and metal like a cookie sheet)
2. Seal Stamp
3. Hot Glue Gun
4. Hot Glue Gun Wax (you can use the regular sealing wax that you light in which case you won’t need a hot glue gun but I find this gives me more precise circles.)
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Step 1:

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Step One:
Heat up your glue gun until you can extrude the wax easily. (It needs to be nice and fluid or it will cool before you can place your stamp)

Step Two:
A tip for getting the size right is to put down a little less wax than the shape of your stamp because it will press it out. Too much and you will have a lot of excess on the sides. For the stamp I’m using I created a dime size pool of wax. Press the stamp directly in the center of the pool and let it sit for a moment to allow the wax to cool.

Step 2:

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Step Three:
Gently wiggle the seal back and forth till it pops free of the wax.
Babyshoes2 years ago
Looks really professional. Would you use another drop of hot glue to attach it, or some other method?
thistleandleaves (author)  Babyshoes2 years ago
Thank you! Yeah, or double sided tape if you want a lighter seal.