This is a stove that burns well, lasts long (at least 1/2 hour, very probably and hour or more) and has been used by me for a few camping trips now. It is safer than gas as there is no chance of it exploding or freezing at low temperatures and can be used over and over when re-waxed.
It can be sealed to make it waterproof with ease and is light and will fit in a pocket.
I've entered it in the survival competition so please vote if you like it.

You'll need;
1 sweets tin or similar, as long as it's metal and a decent size
some corrugated cardboard
A candle or other source of wax
 Electrical tape if you want to seal it.

To make roll the card around the edge of the tin, spiraling around until you reach the middle, then add a few bits of card sticking up for use as 'wicks'. Then light a candle or melt some wax and cover the card in wax, (a thin layer everywhere works best and let it soak in before adding more) 
To light, hold a match to the wick until it lights, light other parts as well to get it going quickly if needed.
 To put it out just put the lid back on and leave to cool.

the video doesn't show it but the flame does spread out across the whole stove. 

<p>I've found that these are great, especially in snow camping as a boy scout 45 years ago in the Sierra Nevada Mts. Ive found in windy sites though, its hard to put it under another screen or whatever you use to keep the pot off the flame. Then I started making them out of small can with a cap, Like a small wood stain can in the hardware store. I filled the can 3/4s full with the rolled corregated cardboard and drilled holes in the side of the can all the way around on the top 1/4 of the can to allow air to pass through. This way I can put a small pot or coffee cup directly on top of my can. The lid puts the fire out, and can be used 3-4 timsover and over, before next trip refill and be ready for the next time. In the winter snow one can will keep your tent livable all night if burned preriodically.</p>
made this myself, is awsome! <br> <br>mine isnt as big as your is(7.5 cm/3inch) but works like a charm. i dont have that much carboard in it as in the pictures, i have at least a milimeter of space between the rows of cardboard. so there is plenty of wax between. also mine is only 2 centimeters high. withing seconds i can put out the flame by putting on the special lid, without any smoke rising. <br> <br>i light them with deoderant/empty lighter with flint and within a few seconds it burns from a few spots(depending on amount of wax in the tin) <br> <br> <br>within a few minutes i could boil a small piece of water in an open soda can. only thing with it is that when you boil water, dont let any drop into your candle or it will get dangerous(trust me, DANGEROUS) <br> <br> <br>also very easy to make, if i would ever go on a survival trip im going to be sure i have at least 2 of them lol
great, I went on a scout camp a few years or so ago and we had 3, that was enough for 2 days cooking for 4 people.
Excellent instructable ! We made similar ones when I was a Cub Scout, using tuna cans, but I like the yours better. The screw off lid on your tin is good for keeping water out and putting the fire out when you're done. We took an empty bean can and punched holes in the side of the can to put over the burner after it was lit. This served as a chimney and the top was used as a griddle. They called these &quot;Buddy Burners&quot;. Very well done instructable. I am new to the instructables site, how do I vote for this?
To rate it, at the top f the page there should be star rating thing.To vote or it in a competition, go to that competition (outdoor competition or something), search it on the site and then follow the steps from there I haven't properly looked at it yet either
Nice job!

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