Picture of Waxed Canvas Tangle Bag for Bicycle
A tangle bag makes use of the unused space in the main triangle of your bike frame. It's a great place to keep a flat repair kit, sunglasses or your wallet and keys. I will show you how to make one like the one I made for a friend.


I used a medium weight cotton canvas, it's about $11 per yard and I used less than half a yard.

A zipper, the one I used was water resistant and 30" long.

2" wide Velcro, about 18" of it.

White micro-crystalline wax similar to this, purchased at local art supply store. Beeswax or Paraffin would also probably work fine.


Sewing tools(sewing machine, scissors, etc.)

Heat gun, for melting the wax. $15 at Harbor Freight.

Disposable bristle brush, for applying wax.

A heat resistant bowl you won't mind ruining, for melting the wax.

A putty knife or butter knife, for working with the wax.

Step 1: Make a Pattern

Picture of Make a Pattern
First decide how big you want the bag to be and cut some cardboard to the height you want.

Then mark the angle of the front and back, make sure you mark which way is front.

You should also mark where any cable fixtures are so you don't put the velcro straps there.
Mr Chutney2 years ago
Love the waxing instructions! Looks like fun to do as well.
great instructable and actually useful!
espdp22 years ago
Why did you say not to get wax on the zipper? Wax is one of the best things going for maintaining zippers. The Army issues crayon-looking wax sticks for the Humvee soft door zippered windows, and it works like a charm for my jeans too.
foobear2 years ago
Fantastico! Love it
Kdemon2 years ago
I love the length of your tangle bag, but why use wax and not just buy waterproof fabric?
iiswhoiam (author)  Kdemon2 years ago
Thanks! You could definitely make it with some coated cordura or x-pac and it would be just as waterproof. You would probably want to seal the seams with tape or seam grip, whereas the wax impregnates the fabric and the seams and the threads all in one step. Plus I like the look of the waxed canvas and I had been meaning to try the method out!
syates32 years ago
I gotta say this is one of the first Instructables I'll actually be making. I could use something like this for holding spare/bike repair tools.
flyingpuppy2 years ago
That wax would melt into the fabric all by itself if I left it on the back patio today.