Introduction: Waxed Hemp Wicks With Holders

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Instead paying a lot of pretty pennies for wicks and holders at Michael's when I wanted to make some beeswax tea lights, I decided to make my own.  

The wicks work well.  I may do another Instructable on beeswax tea lights using them.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

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To make the wicks and their holders you will need:
1.  hemp twine for the wicks
2.  an aluminum can to cut up for the holders
3.  scissors to cut the hemp and the aluminum
4. a bodkin or awl for piercing aluminum pieces
5. a beeswax applicator for sewing thread and/or twine.  You can use a piece of beewax without the holder as well.

Step 2: Prepare Holder Pieces

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Cut the bottom and top off the can.  Trim up the edges so they are neat.  

Mark the resulting triangle into half inch strips.  I stopped marking after five strips since each will be cut into 4 rectangles and I'm only making twenty tea lights.

For thicker wicks / bigger candles you may want larger holders.  The working ratio for the rectangle dimensions is 2:3.   If you want 1 inch squares for your holders, cut the rectangles 1 1/2 inches long.

Step 3: Prepare Wick Pieces

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Two foot lengths of hemp twine are nice to work with for wax coating.  I have a beeswax holder for coating thread or light twine (you might find one in a sewing supplies store).  Alternatively you can use a chunk of beeswax without a holder.  Draw the hemp twine several times through the beeswax to coat and stiffen it.  You can also melt beeswax in a shallow pan and dip the twine in it to coat it.

Cut the stiffened twine to the wick length you'll be using, allowing at least a quarter-inch to be secured in the wick holder.Dra

Step 4: Secure Holders to Wicks

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Pierce the holder a third of the way along its length.  Make the hole large enough to insert the wick, but not too oversize.

Insert a quarter inch of the wick through the hole.  Fold a third of the length of the holder rectangle over the wick end.  Press closed.

Straighten the main length of the wick  and  be sure it extends at a right angle from the holder.

Step 5:

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Here are the wicks in use:  new and unlit as well as lit.  The "holder" for the lit tea light is actually the bottom of the pop can I cut up for the wick holders.


DCA (author)2014-01-03

This is very interesting! Can you show a pic of your wicks in use?

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