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This one mostly come from my favorite show Psych. The characters in this have problems with cell phones a lot. If you have ever seen this show you would agree with me.

Step 1: Do Not Intentionally Drop Others Phone

This one should be an easy step to follow but.... In this case a phone of a detectives' was dropped in peanut butter.

Step 2: Do Not Throw Phone at Bad Guy

I guess you could for protection but it might not help much.

Step 3: Do Not Drop Phone

Do not drop phone whenever you find out that you are in a closed museum with a killer mummy over the phone.

Step 4: Do Not Lose Phone

Do not lose phone under exercise machine you barely use while solving a case where a killer might come after you. It results in you thinking it is a bomb and there's a cup on the machine that says if your heart rate drops by 150 you die put by your girlfriend(the girlfriend didn't intentionally mean you would die. You get a lot of exercise.

Step 5: Keep Charged

Do not when in a museum have your partner try to crack the video surveillance communicating on phones when it is below 20%

In my opinion these steps are easy but for others probably not. If you have trouble following these steps buy a hard shell protective case.


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