Ways to Increase Your Gems in Clash of Clans


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Introduction: Ways to Increase Your Gems in Clash of Clans

One of the most important resources that you will find in Clash of Clans is gems. These green hexagonal precious stones are your best companions throughout the game. When you start out, you are given 250 gems. As you play, you get a few more, especially when you reach particular levels and build up on your achievements. You will get at least 5 gems for each achievement you make. But, what you must remember at this point is that there are not enough achievements, which means that the number of gems you stand to get are also limited. That is the reason you have to make sure to spend your gems wisely.

The gems are important throughout the game because they help you to speed up the building and upgrading processes. Some of these activities can take hours, but using gems can help you make the activities instantaneous. Even then, it is not recommended that you use stems for simple things like constructing buildings and upgrading them. The better option is to wait out and let it take its own time. In the meantime, you could do something else with the game; there are so many options.

Now, here you can read a few good clash of clans astuce gemme and strategies that can build up your coffers. Remember these methods if you don’t want to be stuck later in the game due to shortage of this important commodity.

Do Not Spend at the Start

At the very beginning of the game, when the tutorial starts, you will be asked to spend 1 gem on speeding up one building construction. This is not an important step. You can simply wait for around 10 seconds and the building will be done. Yes, that’s the time you have to wait. The same applies when you are trying to create your troops and later when you are trying to upgrade them. All you have to do is wait for a few seconds and each action is carried out.

The game actually tricks you at the start into spending gems so that you don’t have them later when you need them the most. This is their ploy into making users pay for the gems later on in the game. But we can be wiser than that. It is definitely not a big hassle to wait a few seconds if you are going to save on those precious gems.

As you move further in the game, your wait periods increase. They might even go from a few minutes to a few hours. But, try not to spend gems to speed up these processes too. With Clash of Clans, there is always something or the other you can keep doing. Why would you want to spend gems when all you have to do is wait and perhaps do something else?

Focus on the Achievements

Each achievement will give you gems. Hence, it is a good idea to focus on the achievements early on in the game. Even a simple achievement like increasing the size of your coffers or defeating the weak goblins that you will encounter early on in the game (even at the tutorial level) will give you several gems. This is a simple — and legal — way to increase your gems, which means it is not exactly a Clash of Clans gems trick.

But remember to collect your rewards! As you cross each achievement, the rewards are going to pile up in the achievements screen. You have to go there are you will see buttons that say ‘Claim Reward’ against the things you have achieved so far. When you tap on them, a few gems will be added to your coffers each time.

Fighting and Winning

Each time you fight other players and win, you are going to get a lot of goodies. These include trophy points, which will depend on how well you won the game. If you lost it, the trophy points will be deducted. Also, you will win some elixir and gold, depending on the difficulty level of the battle. In addition, you could win thousands of these precious gems in some of the towns. You might not get the gems all at once, but you get them as you pile on your victories.

For example, if you win 1250 trophies playing multiplayer and winning battles, then you could get 450 gems at one go. That’s a huge number! If your friend needs help and you send your troops to help them, you win gems too. Sending 25000 troops to your friends can help you earn 250 gems.

It is not just about offense either. Even when you simply defend your town and are successful at it, you win gems. But this comes in very slowly. If you defend your town 1000 times, then you earn 100 gems. Now defending your town 1000 times is a humongous number.

There are some specific offense victories also. Like, if you destroy 5000 towers in all, regardless of whether you won or lost the battles, you will earn 1000 gems.

Battle Achievements

There are some specific offense victories also. Like, if you destroy 5000 towers in all, regardless of whether you won or lost the battles, you will earn 1000 gems. This is an example. If you browse through the achievements section, you can find some other such specific things you can destroy and earn gems for that.

In addition, there are some specific titles that you can win along the way and earn gems for that. When you play with some leagues, you can win gems. For instance, if you manage to join the Crystal League, that’s going to give you 250 gems. The Master League is much more prestigious and hence it rewards you better too. If you can enter into the Master League, that’s an addition of 1000 gems right away. And if you can proceed even further and enter the Champions League, it could give you an awesome loot of 2000 gems.

One more way is to progress through your warring achievements and graduate to the level of a war hero. If you become a War Hero by guiding your clan to victory in War Battles, then you could stand to get a very handsome amount of gems. The number is straightforward — if you get 1000 stars, you could earn 1000 gems right then and there.

Battle Loot

Apart from the victories and other achievements on the battlefield, there are also some other ways in which you can gain gems. One of the ways to do that is to earn your bonuses from the spoils of your victory. When you win a war, you will gather all gold from the clan that have defeated. As the gold piles up, you stand to earn gems. If you earn 100 million gold, then you get 1000 gems. This number sounds huge, but once you have found your footing with the game, you will find that the number increases pretty quickly.

The methods mentioned above are all completely legal, official, and fun ways to earn gems. You are doing so not by applying any tricks or cheats, but you are doing so by playing the game in a legit manner. Hence, feel free to use these strategies, for that is the way the game is meant to be played after all.

Removing Obstacles

When you remove those annoying trees and rocks from the landscape of your town, you get gems. Yes, that’s true! You will be able to free up space for your buildings and other needs and get some valuable gems in return too. Now, to remove rocks and trees, you will need to spend some resources too. To remove trees, you need to spend elixir, and to remove rocks, you need to spend gold. However, both gold and elixir are freely available on the terrain and hence you need not worry much about that.

The number of gems that you win varies and it seems to be at random. The first time you remove an obstacle, you will receive 6 gems and then it will keep on randomly giving you gems — sometimes 1, sometimes 2, sometimes none at all.

This could be a good source to get some of those much-needed gems. At the beginning, when you start out with your town, you will find about 40 obstacles to be removed. They could give you around 100 gems in all if you could remove them all.

Also, this is something that can keep giving you gems. The rocks do not come back once you blast them off your farm, but the trees will. When they come back, you could remove them again, and you will get a randomly assigned number of gems.

So, these are some of the Clash of Clans gems trick and strategies that could help you get a large number of those green precious stones that can help you move on through the game. Use them and try to enjoy the game to the fullest.



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