As we all know (unless you've been living under a rock for the past year), the US is in the midst of the biggest economic s@%t hole since the great depression. For a lot of people, every day is a struggle to stay afloat. As a result, some of us may find that our lives are quickly going down the drain.
So, I've created this instructable for two reasons: 1) for my Art+Life class project and 2) to help clear up what you should NOT do, in order to make your life easier. Thus, I'll fill you in on a handful of things that will screw up your life, and would be smart to avoid (unless your really looking for ways to make your life suck). Enjoy.

Step 1: Apply for As Many Credit Cards As Possible

If you do this and use different credit cards for different purchases, you'll have a fun time going through the mountain of bills. On top of that you'll probably have an awesomely low credit score.
<p>Only drive when drunk!</p>
<p>If you're in school-- don't study at all... Who would have thought it would be so easy to ruin your life!</p>
there is a simple way, love someone sincerely...
This is why people love texting!
what if i get diabetes :(<br><br>oh well i guess the point of this instructable is to make your life terrible
join the army
Are you even in the army?
Especially love the "credit cards" section!!
hitch hiking with truckers is actually the safer way to go... truckers you can trust on the road...
stay with your mother when she re-marrys. bonus points if your step father was ever in the military.
That's so true!! Right now I have this big problem with credit cards. It's like a snow ball. To make this problem worst I was unemployed by three months and I couldn't afford even the minimum payments required. Right now I am negotiating with the banks. But believe me.. it's a headache.
Totally not a judgement on you mcbyson - just a comment: Credit cards are a tool to spend the money you have - and shouldn't be used for buying things you can't afford. They're quite important for a lot of commerce (especially online) - but banks do just see them like this. Banks make money for every transaction, and every cent of interest. Our economy (Canada) is similarly heading down the tube - and being responsible with credit is SUPER important given how far the banks will go to make it seem like more is better.
STEP 9: Spend $60,000 (that you dont have) defending your right as a mother, and getting divorced from a guy named Mark Stone (Florence OR - owner Stonehaven Acupuncture), vs. the $350 it could have cost had he NOT been the most unreasonable and vindictive man on the planet and just agreed to mediation in the first place rather than insist it go to JURY TRIAL.
Sounds like you've got personal experience with step 9. Just a guess, though.

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