Ways to Be Green.





Introduction: Ways to Be Green.

So while hearing all this talk about "saving the earth", you realize: no one ever really told you how to be green and help out a little. Here's how.

(man i really wanna go there!)

Step 1: Turn Off the Lights!!!

This is a GREAT way to save energy and money. When you walk out of a room, just flip the switch (if theres no one else in there) and BAM! You just saved the world. It's like your jack bauer, but better.

Step 2: Use Energy Efficient Bulbs!

Using energy efficient bulbs saves energy and money. So, its good for earth and good for you. If you can't afford to buy them, just refer to step one. You can make a sun jar (search) and have a cool lantern that charges in the sun. Solar this are good too, there's lots of instructables on using solar panels for energy. There's even one on charging battery's with solar panels! Make sure you use rechargeables. (so if oyu use that to recharge the batteries you use in your MintyBoost! charger...then you get energy free...if my calculations are correct.) Next step!

Step 3: Bring Your Own Bags.

When you go to the supermarket, bring your own bag. At my Shoprite, they have them for 99 cents, so i bought one. All you have to do is bring it in and put your groceries in it at the check out. Cool, right? Just one more way to be green.

Step 4: Reuse!

Reuse your plastic bottles! Put money in them, and convert it into a high-tech 24-hour home banking ATM. You can make it a cheapo vase for flowers by cutting the top off, make rockets, and all kinds of stuff! Fun, huh?

Step 5: Recycle!

In my township, you can have a bag of bottles, and a truck comes around to pick them up and bring them to some recycling place. All i have to do is label it "BOTTLES". Then, thats one more point for me for being green! (you can even recycle old paper for your little cousins to draw on)

Step 6: Enjoy the Earth!

Enjoy it while it lasts, o fellow human beings. Thanks for viewing, please vote! Any questions, or comments, post below.



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    To Acepilot42:
    Companies and governments making a high profit on destroying the Earth have convinced you, through public opinion propaganda, that caring about the Earth, the place whereyou and everyone you have, and will ever know lives, is a ridiculous idea.
    You used Tree Hugger as an insult. That is what is the ridiculous idea.
    You attack, and enforce their ideas, so they no longer have to.
    Wake up. Don't be a sheep to the wolves.
    Think. What else are you convinced of?


    i burned a pile of 80 tires to save the landfill. it was pretty too.

     burning tires is almost just as bad you should take them to a recycling center so that they don't do any bad

    nice!!!! LETS ALL SAVE OUR EARTH!!!!!!!!

    Looking at this step and the last step, I think you aren't getting the things right in proportions. An energy efficient light bulb uses per hour just as much as one google search! This is due to the fact that with each search an enormous amount of information is being searched through at the google HQ. So you could better have adviced to reduce the amount of google searches.

    i like the last pic,its funnyy

    Wow, amazing pictures!