Picture of Ways to make a friend smile
Ideas for how to brighten a friend's day.

Step 1: Leave a kind note...

Picture of Leave a kind note...
Leave a note...
-wishing him/her a nice day,
-wishing him/her good luck on test.
-congratulating him/her on a good job.
-telling him/her how amazing he/she is.
-letting them know how much you value his/her friendship.
-with a relevant quote or just a quote that you like, after all it is the thought that counts.

02caitlin11 months ago

To be honest this didn't really help I was only able to use the first tip because I was just sat in her bedroom. I think that you should properly come up with something more easy for people to be able to do when there just in there bedroom or even at there friends house. I think this didn't really help me however it would help an older person in there teens.

Awwwww sweet instructable man... Remember world peace conquers all
myhightide3 years ago
This is pretty cute!