Ideas for how to brighten a friend's day.

Step 1: Leave a Kind Note...

Leave a note...
-wishing him/her a nice day,
-wishing him/her good luck on test.
-congratulating him/her on a good job.
-telling him/her how amazing he/she is.
-letting them know how much you value his/her friendship.
-with a relevant quote or just a quote that you like, after all it is the thought that counts.

<p>To be honest this didn't really help I was only able to use the first tip because I was just sat in her bedroom. I think that you should properly come up with something more easy for people to be able to do when there just in there bedroom or even at there friends house. I think this didn't really help me however it would help an older person in there teens. </p>
Awwwww sweet instructable man... Remember world peace conquers all
This is pretty cute!

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