"We Bare Bears" Nails Using NO TOOLS!!!





Introduction: "We Bare Bears" Nails Using NO TOOLS!!!

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Ever since I discovered nail art, it's always been a goal of mine to discover new easy, fun ways to do my nails without using any fancy tools I don't have (do I really have an extra special effects makeup sponge lying around?) This time was no exception, as I scoured the Internet for something fun and easy to try. As my results turned mostly fruitless, I thought, why not try my own? All the other "nail art" tutorials always promise ease, but at the cost of nail striping tape or brushes. I promise, this nail art tutorial is fun and pretty easy, producing an adorable design with the aid of something almost everyone has lying around their kitchen...TOOTHPICKS!

Step 1: Materials!

For this tutorial, all you need is one white and one black polish (mine are from Pure Ice, Superstar! and Black Out respectively) a brown polish (mine is from Bonita), a base/top coat polish (mine is a base and top coat mix by Revlon) and one (or more) toothpick/s.

Step 2: Panda Bear

Apply your clear base coat on all of your nails before you start. Once that dries out, take your white polish and start off by making a half circle stroke with the brush, from the far left of your nail up. Continue the circle from where you left off, until it creates a full circle of white. Finish off with a couple strokes of paint inside the circle to deepen the color. The circle should now be taking up about half/a little under half of the nail. This is the panda bear's head!

Now for the ears! Using the black polish, create two smaller circles (ears) at the top of the white circle (head), a few millimeters or so apart. My technique was to get a good amount of black polish on the brush, and using a downward stroke, create the two little black ears for the white. Be careful not to get too much black polish on the brush, or it'll spread!

Now, this is where the toothpick comes in. Dipping the toothpick into the black polish, (not too much, but definitely not too little) make the button nose by using the very tip of the toothpick and pressing it into the white circle near the tip of the nail. Make sure not to press in too forcefully, as to not bring up the tacky white polish! For the eyes, instead of using the tip of the toothpick, hold the toothpick at an angle and "paint" the black eyes on so that they form an oval shape (make sure that there is black polish on the sides of the toothpick for this!) let it dry.

Congratulations, you've got the hardest bear out of the way!

Step 3: Polar Bear

Now for the polar bear! This one uses the exact same technique as the panda bear, minus the oval eyes. Using the white polish, carefully create the half circle head and the brush-stroked ears using the same color. For the eyes and nose, use the black-polished toothpick again, using the tip of the pick for the nose, and also the eyes.

For the eyes, I used a bit more of a glob of black polish on the tip, just to make the eyes a little bigger/same size as the nose. Be careful not to put too much black polish on, as it may spread or mess up.

Step 4: Grizzly Bear

It may seem to be getting a little repetitive now, but the grizzly bear uses the exact same steps as the polar bear but with a different body color. Using the brown polish, make the same half circle, followed up by the smaller circled ears.

Grab that black-polished toothpick again and create the eyes and the nose using the tip. My brown polish was a little thicker, so I had to wait a little bit for that to dry before I added the black. Also make sure to add more black color on the brown so it'll show up a bit better.

Step 5: Eyes!

Now that the polish has dried a bit, it's time to add the pupils! Using a different toothpick (or the other end of the black-polished one) dab a small dot of white polish on the very tip of the toothpick. Using the white tip, carefully dot the white pupils into the black panda bear's oval eyes and the grizzly bear's circle eyes (I didn't choose to add pupils to my polar bears, but you can as well!) Do this for every single panda and grizzly bear until they all have pupils!

Step 6: Done!!

Now just wait for the whites of the eyes to dry, apply your top coat, and you're all done!! Bask in the cuteness and compliments as you show off your adorable new bear nails!! (I also did my toenails too for reference!)



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