We Made Coffee Table





Introduction: We Made Coffee Table

Step 1:

You can stain or paint the boxes. I went with two different colors to go with the colors of my living room. I used spray paint for the boxes.

Step 2:

Step 3:

I stained the bottom piece even though you don't see much of it. You can spray paint it too.

Step 4:

Nailed the boxes to the bottom and then together. You can use a nail gun or just use small nails and hammer by hand but carefully as the wood isn't the thickest wood.

Step 5:

We finally had a glass top cut to size for our finishing piece. Absolutely love this table. Great decor.



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Love this! Glass is expensive but plexiglass could work too. Did you put wheels on the bottom? That would be a nice addition.

The glass wasn't that expensive and it gave the table a great look! Yes there are small wheels on the bottom. Thanks!!

These look great. We have one in out sun room. It is our cat's favorite place to nap.

Nice-looking table! Well done.