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    You would be surprised at what you can pick up for free on craigslist. Might need refinish... But that is easy.

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    I love Craigslist. We have gotten quite a bit of our furniture off there and continue to do so. Believe it or not, I actually picked up an antique cedar chest off the side of the road a few months back. The top was completely damaged, so we tore that off and put new cedar boards on top and refinished all of it. It's a beautiful piece of furniture and free makes it all the better. At this point, we're in no hurry to furnish our bedroom. I'm enjoying the hunt and I'm treating it like a puzzle -- one piece at a time. I love refinishing furniture and the look and quality of an old piece cannot be beat. Might take me 10 years ... but I'll have a beautiful furnished bedroom one of these days :)

    I recently found a nice mid-century side table at Value Village for only $9. Just cleaned up with some Formbys. Beautiful wood grain. Nicer than new.

    If your fair with the remodel tools, Here are dome great free plans to use some the cut off from the construction.