Weapon Collection


Introduction: Weapon Collection

About: I have many things, tools, and weapons that would be useful in the zombie apocalypse. If you love zombies an survival, follow my account and my YouTube: masonbaack

Step 1: Flick Out Knives

Step 2: Fishing Knife

Step 3: Main Knife

Step 4: Big Multi Tool

Step 5: Slingshot

Step 6: That's It

My weapon collection is bigger but those were all the ones I thought to put in my instructables



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    Have you ever Hunted with that Slingshot before? Is it Good? Ive bern trying to find a Good SlingShot but dont know which one is best :$

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    Just google "Pocket Rocket"

    12 guage pump action shot gun
    20 guage break action double barrel shotgun
    45 colt lever action rifle
    2x bowie knifes
    3x Machetes
    23 smaller knifes
    M16 (actually my dads but I use it alot)
    Glock 26
    And last but not least my trusty old 22 (my first gun)

    those are cool. but this isn't really an instructable....:-\

    anyways, I have the slingshot and the black knife with the knob

    The crosman slingshots do not disappoint. The have good accuracy and easy to shoot. And no I have never hunted because I am 11.