Picture of Weapon Collection
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Step 1: Flick Out Knives

Picture of Flick Out Knives

Step 2: Fishing Knife

Picture of Fishing Knife

Step 3: Main Knife

Picture of Main Knife

Step 4: Big Multi Tool

Picture of Big Multi Tool
13, 11:58 AM.jpg
13, 11:58 AM.jpg
13, 11:58 AM.jpg
13, 11:58 AM.jpg

Step 5: Slingshot

Picture of Slingshot
13, 11:58 AM.jpg
13, 11:58 AM.jpg

Step 6: That's It

My weapon collection is bigger but those were all the ones I thought to put in my instructables
those are cool. but this isn't really an instructable....:-\

anyways, I have the slingshot and the black knife with the knob
MMB Survivor (author) 1 year ago
The crosman slingshots do not disappoint. The have good accuracy and easy to shoot. And no I have never hunted because I am 11.
Have you ever Hunted with that Slingshot before? Is it Good? Ive bern trying to find a Good SlingShot but dont know which one is best :$