Picture of Weapon Collection
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Step 1: Flick Out Knives

Picture of Flick Out Knives

Step 2: Fishing Knife

Picture of Fishing Knife

Step 3: Main Knife

Picture of Main Knife

Step 4: Big Multi Tool

Picture of Big Multi Tool
13, 11:58 AM.jpg
13, 11:58 AM.jpg
13, 11:58 AM.jpg
13, 11:58 AM.jpg

Step 5: Slingshot

Picture of Slingshot
13, 11:58 AM.jpg
13, 11:58 AM.jpg

Step 6: That's It

My weapon collection is bigger but those were all the ones I thought to put in my instructables
scientist801 month ago
those are cool. but this isn't really an instructable....:-\

anyways, I have the slingshot and the black knife with the knob
MMB Survivor (author) 12 months ago
The crosman slingshots do not disappoint. The have good accuracy and easy to shoot. And no I have never hunted because I am 11.
Have you ever Hunted with that Slingshot before? Is it Good? Ive bern trying to find a Good SlingShot but dont know which one is best :$