Wearable 3D Print Skirt





Introduction: Wearable 3D Print Skirt

This is a 3D printed skirt I designed and made with an Ultimaker Original. I used white Flexifill filament to make it more wearable and moving.

I am exploring the wearability of 3D printing combined with knitwear. I find this intriguing because 3D printing and wearable clothing is not something you would think of together.

The basis pattern of this skirt is a stroke of multiple loops. You can customize it and make your own desired piece, clothing, object, accessories etc.

Let me know what you think and give it a try yourself to create something with it, I'm curious about the results!

Step 1: Design

The design is very simple. Each stroke has 8 loops that will be connected at the ends.
This is designed via Illustrator and Tinkercad.


width: 125mm

length: 20mm

height: 2mm

Step 2: Materials + Settings

Machine: Ultimaker Original

Filament: Flexifil (Easyfill) white 2.85mm

Nozzle: 1mm

The settings I used in Cura are documented and added to the photo selection.

Step 3: Printing

Step 4:



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    Great Idea! Would love to see the steps of stitching it!

    I love this flexible structure. How did you connect the ends to make a closed loop on your skirt?

    Congratulations on your first Instructable. It would be great to see your wearables on a live model.

    That a very fun idea! Thanks for sharing and welcome to the community!