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How to enable everyone to create personalized infotainment using health and fitness data from their wearables (location, video, health, and fitness data)?

STEP#1 - Find your own wearables

ex: GoPro, HTC One, Sports Tracker App, and its HRM2 heart rate sensor are used in this project.

STEP#2 - Make sure the battery life/memory card is enough for your marathon

ex: GoPro 3 silver edition has 2 hour battery life at 720-30. A 32GB memory card is more than enough for the marathon duration of roughly 2 hours (for skating).

STEP#3 - Make sure your wearable data is accessible

ex: GPX and heart rate data can be exported from the Sports Tracker site. Other metrics, such as distance and velocity, can be computed from the GPX data using the Haversine formula.

STEP#4 - Choose your favorite software tools for data visualization

ex: Processing and OpenFrameworks are great open-sourced options to visualize these types of data.



tomatoskins (author)2015-02-19

This looks really interesting. What wearables and software did you use to do this?

yuanyifan (author)tomatoskins2015-02-19

Thanks. I used GoPro, HTC One, Sports Tracker App, and its HRM2 heart rate sensor for hardware, and OpenFrameworks for software.

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