Making a wearable firefly that glows when the wings meet

Step 1: Materials Needed

Colorful Fabric

Nail Polish to match the color of the wings

Beads/Glitter for eyes (optional)

Conductive Fabric (Iron on)


Hot Glue Gun



Conductive Thread


Yellow LED

Resistor Coin Battery

Step 2: FireFly Shapes

Cut out the firefly shapes

Step 3: Iron on Fabric

Iron on the conductive fabric onto the wings

Step 4: Insulate Wings

Insulate the wings partially by covering it with nail polish

To learn how to insulate using nail polish follow the link-


Step 5: Creating Circuit

Create a circuit with the LED, battery, resistor and switch.

The switch is formed by the wings that can be pressed together on the other side of the cloth.

Step 6: Stitching the Wings

Stitch on the wings using conductive thread to complete the circuit on the other side of the cloth

Step 7: Insulating Wings

Once the wings are on use nail polish to cover intersection of wing and cloth so that the switch is not on all the time.

Step 8: Insulating Circuit

Use the glue gun to insulate the conductive thread.

Insulate each circuit separately.

Step 9: The Firefly Is Now Ready

Press the wings together to make it glow!

You can also stitch this patch onto a backpack, clothing, etc.

<p>What a fun wearable!</p>

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