Picture of Wearable Flashlight
This Instructable will show you how to build a cool looking bracelet with integrated LED's. You only need a few materials and some basic skills.

The materials you need for this are:
- leather belt
- fabric
- smd-LED's/LED-strip
- fastener
- 3V button cell
- thread
- wire
- push button
- jumper socket(optional)

The tools are:
- soldering ion
- hot glue gun
- sewing machine
- knife

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Step 1:

Picture of
In the first step you've got to cut a fitting piece out of the belt. It's a good idea to use a sharp knife and a ruler to do this.
Now you've got to make some holes for the LED's. You can either use a special tool for this or, if you haven't got one, you can easily take a hammer and a metal tube to make them.

Step 2: Insert the LED's

Picture of Insert the LED's
If you want to use LED's from a stripe, you have to remove them with a soldering ion and a knife to lift the small LED's from their solder joints. This is quite some work but it is a cheap way to get lots of SMD LED's.

So after you have your LED's ready you can insert them. You close one side the holes in your leather band with duct tabe. Now you carefully fill some hot glue in from the other side to fill the holes and push the LED's in. To prevent the glow from flowing out on the front side you should press something like a pencil against the tape. Be careful, don't burn yourself!

Step 3: Connecting

Picture of Connecting
Now you can cut some cable channels into the back of the leather with the leather. Again, be careful, you don't want to cut completely thrugh it. Also cut a hollow for the button cell, the push button and the jumper input if you want to add one. The jumper socket is used to bridge the push button for an "always-on mode".

After you did this you can start wiring everything up. 
michaelgc1 year ago

This looks pretty awesome

njc1219831 year ago
This is a pretty cool idea, and I'm sure that you are full of more good ideas. That being said, there are some things that might peak your interest. There is a printable ink, for fabric, that will act just like copper wire. Do what you will with this info, and enjoy creating :).
led_freak (author)  njc1219831 year ago
Thank you. I just looked it up on google, I'll keep that in mind for future projects :).
This is such a great idea. I imagine anyone who walks or bikes in the evening or early morning when it's dark are going to knocking these out to improve the visibility. Great Safety idea as well as a cool bracelet.
led_freak (author)  incensedpanther1 year ago
I didn't even thought about this aspect, but you're right it's great for better visibility at night.
ASCAS1 year ago
This is awesome!
omnibot1 year ago
Neat! Now I know what to do with my old belt and those 400pcs of pink LEDs :-)
waldy1 year ago
very cool. May make similar for bike trouser clips. thanks for sharing
nice idea:-P