People who spend a lot of time sitting in front of their Computers often have complain regarding the mouse.......especially pc gamers who use the mouse more often then a regular pc user and They usually complain about pain in their wrist or their mouse hand being uncomfortable.Most of the people get rid of this problem by using Mousepads having one of those gel rests but in my experience it feels supremely unnatural to use.

In my own personal experience...after prolonged Hours of working on the pc(Usually it was just playing..playing and playing!!!!) my right hand wrist used to pain.

So to overcome this problem I thought about making a mouse which can be extremely comfortable to use as if it was an extension to your hand itself.....Afterall The Mouse is your hand only!!!!.Introducing a wearable mouse which is fitted inside a Glove and is easy to wear and use.

Step 1: Materials Required!!

We will start with a Dead Computer mouse.....sry..Not dead actually just an old computer mouse that you are not using anymore....if you dont have a mouse(which is highly improbable!!)....Then you can always buy it!!..there are a lot of online stores from where you can buy it cheapely...or borrow it from a friend of yours but tell them beforehand that you are not going to return it back!!!.

(1) A Working Computer mouse x 1

(2) Push buttons x 2

(3) Pair of Gloves

(4 ) Electrical tape

(5) Glue Gun

(6) Soldering Iron

(7) Wires

(8) Small Perf Board

(9) Scissors

Step 2: Choosing the Gloves:

The Gloves that you will use for this project should be loose enough to fit the mouse circuit board.

The mouse that I used had a small circuit board so it was not much of a trouble for me to get the circuit inside them.

In my case when i got the idea about this project then at that time I had no Proper pair of Gloves lying around with me(the ones which have separate sheaths or openings for each finger and thumb) so I used my Gym Gloves(Fingerless) but I would suggest you to use The Gloves which have separate openings for each finger because if you will use fingerless gloves then you will have to attach separate fingers to it(Creepy!) like I did.

So,Are you ready to sacrifice your pair of Gloves?

Step 3: Modifying the Circuit

  1. Remove the left and the right click buttons from the circuit and also get rid of the scroll button.
  2. Now insulate the circuit with the help of an electrical tape.

Step 4: Prepairing the Glove:

  • Now we have to cut open the Glove to insert the Circuit board.Use a Scissor for this.
  • Take four wires of equal Lenghts,We need them to attach the Push buttons.
  • Insert these Wires in The Glove as shown in the Picture.
  • The finger adjacent to the thumb is for Left click and the middle finger is for the Right click.So,we need push buttons in these two fingers only.
  • Solder the wires on the circuit board on places from where we desoldered the push buttons.
  • The other end of the wires will be used for push buttons.

Step 5: Inserting the Circuit:

  • Insert the Circuit Carefully inside the Glove.
  • Mark the Spot underside the Glove for the plastic prism(refer the Picture).
  • Cut out the spot carefully
  • Test the mouse and see if it's working properly.

Step 6: Adding the Push Buttons:

  • Mount the Push Button On a small piece of perf board.
  • After that,Solder the wires coming from the circuit board with the push buttons(refer picture)
  • Now comes the hardest part of the project(according to me only!) that is stiching.
  • I stiched two additional fingers onto the index finger and the middle finger of the glove.

Step 7: Finish!

The mouse worked just fine,still working on how to attach a scroll wheel!

<p>Do I take off the usb wire when it says insulate the mouse with electrical tape?</p>
I have an idea about for scrolling. When the scroll wheel is pressed, you can scroll with the mouse, thereby eliminating the need for a scroll wheel. Just add that push-button to the third finger. That way, when you push that finger down, it will enter scrolling mode.
<p>thats so smart</p>
can you use a wireless mouse?
<p>Could do scroll wheel by attaching a gyroscope to your glove and using turns to determine scrolling.</p>
<p>Hi there, nice idea, however I'd like to know where did you get that plastic piece you attached on the laser sensor? And what if I replace it with say, a convex lens??</p>
<p>This reminds me a little of an old instructable where you had your webcam on, and you'd have a laser, and you could control the mouse by pointing the laser on a white wall that the webcam is looking at. So it'd look for the laser point, and move the mouse accordingly. </p>
<p>For a scroll wheel you could use a touch scroller see the link.</p><p>https://www.microsoft.com/accessories/en-us/products/mice/sculpt-touch-mouse/6pl-00003</p>
<p>I love the idea, after reading through the comments I had a thought.......You could attach the components to the outside of the glove and glue or stitch on a covering afterwards, perhaps even cut out a hand shape with fingertips on a suitable material and use straps to attach it to your hand ;)</p>
<p>Renew! Renew!</p>
<p>Good idea .</p>
Oh yeahhh, this is so awesome!!
<p>Does it feel awkward when you use the mouse/glove? As you wouldnt have anything to rest your hand on.</p><p>Another thing, it looked in the photos like you had to keep your hand hovering when the mouse is in use. Is this so?</p>
<p>No,it dosent feel akward...well it did feel kind of weird at first but I got used to it(only used it for a day or two though!).</p><p>It looked in the photos that I had to keep my hand hovering but it was because of the prism that was coming out of my palm that made it look like it was in the air but if you see the the video then u vl get a clear picture of it!</p>
It could be very useful then.<br>I might try it.<br>Thanks
<p>Man, thank you very much, I got to try this out on my free time! :)</p>
<p>What happens when you need to type something?</p>
<p>Voted! It is great!! :-)</p>
<p>Perfect for me since I type one handed (left or right). Wont have to take it off to type. LOL</p><p>Nice Instructable!</p>
<p>Thanks Steinzel!</p>
<p>So, did it help with the pain? How long did you test it?</p>
<p>It did help to some extent....but it was tough to let go of my old mouse...so I started using it again...:-)</p>
Noticed that electrical tape decay over time and produce a sticky goo on the adhesive side. <br><br>Great idea tho!
<p>Haha....Removing the tape,first thing tommorow!</p><p>n Thanks!</p>
it's good idea
<p>That's a genius idea! All you need to do is attach a fan inside that glove to stay cool!</p>
<p>Aaaand, You have my vote, This should definetly win!</p>
<p>Thank you for your support,I really appreciate it!!</p>
<p>Genius! This has serious potential! Definitely making one of these.</p>
<p>Thanks baybren!</p>
<p>This is so cool! You should enter it into the Wearable Tech Contest! </p>
<p>Thanks!....Already done it!</p>
<p>indeed, submit it! It's a great concept and nice Instructable.</p>
<p>Interesting idea! Well done!</p>
awesome idea. maybe you could make a switch or push button somewhere accessible to turn off the left and right &quot;mouse clicks&quot; so you can type normally without removing the glove.
curious about how to use the keyboard
<p>For gaming you only have one hand on the keyboard, but if the finger tips do not have the button then maybe you can still type.</p>
<p>This is a master tool for anyone who works many hours on a computer. I WANT ONE! BRAVO!</p>
<p>You can mount the scroll wheel all around the thumb so you can slide it on the table without moving the cursor from its position. Sorry for my english, i hope you'll understand the advice</p>
Try attaching the scrool wheel to the ring finger.
<p>Maybe you could mount the scroll wheel on the upper tip of your middle finger. Then you curl that finger in until the wheel makes contact with the table top to use it. This would likely prevent the main pointer control from working at the same time though.</p><p>On some mice (maybe all, I don't know), there is a button built into the scroll wheel assembly that is activated when you push down on the wheel. On mine, it acts like a &quot;scroll lock&quot;, where you can hold it down and then pan up and down with the mouse pointer. You could put this button on the ring finger and use it for scrolling in lieu of the scroll wheel.</p><p>Some mice also have a forward and back button on the thumb side. These could go on the thumb and pinky.</p><p>While I'm shooting out dumb ideas, here is another: I think you could get away with having two buttons per finger. One would go on the finger tip, and the other on the bottom of the second knuckle. If mounted right, I think these could be clicked independently and maybe even simultaneously if needed. This would allow even more button options. This requires you to be able to arch your fingers backward a little bit, so this may not work for everyone. It also feels a little strenuous, so maybe its not a good idea.</p>
<p>make more two fingers and attach the scroll wheel between the points. <a href="https://www.instructables.com/member/alhaxxor" rel="nofollow">alhaxxor</a> have the same ideia</p>
Reminds me of the Power Glove. Bad omen.
this is so cooool

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