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Introduction: Wearable Pendrive

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Hi Everyone, Today i am gonna teach you how to make your own wearable Pendrive Band.

Step 1: Things You Need...

Pendrive is the most helpful gadget when you are out for work especially for system & Network Engineers, I always carry a wearable Pendrive containing USB bootable Opearting System along with Basic Requirement softwares. its always my best companion at work.

So let's start our DIY project...

Step 2: Setup the WristBand

make some minor tweaks on the ID card tag as shown in the pics above and hang the pendrive to the holder attached to the tag.

Bingo.... Its Done

Step 3: Wearable Pendrive Band



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Thanks I found it helpfulL i have a lot of usb with different movies and I was looking for a way to organise them

Thank you, I am glad that my Instructable project was helpful for you.

Haha, who wants to wear a pendrive!

You may not know this kid....

what is the reason?how did you come up with the idea