Wearable Pops of Colour


Introduction: Wearable Pops of Colour

About: Hi there one and all, I am Caitlin O'Riley and I come from the southern tip of Africa, Cape Town. I am into my outdoor activities such as hiking and surfing and our local 'braaing', which is essentially just...

The best thing about makeup in my opinion is that it is there to be played with. Finding the fine line between wearable and ridiculous is sometimes not as straight forward as one would think. Here is a video tutorial showing just how to balance bright colours, and is especially relevant for Southern hemisphere members, heading into Spring!



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    Your eyes are absolutely beautiful.

    Not seeing any video, but welcome nonetheless!

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    Oh dear, I'm not quite sure why? Newbie over here is still trying to figure it all out haha! If you're in the mood to watch it still you can find it here:


    Great video! Welcome to the community!