Step 4: Adding the Shells

Use a large shell for a center piece and secure it with hot glue to the base. I tried a couple of ways to secure the shells to the base, but hot glue proved to be the best way. I had separated the shells I had by size and types to help give a little more symmetry to the crown. I had some realy neat pieces of coral that I used for the points of the crown.
Very nice! I wish I would have had access to this before my island wedding! I made a beautiful boquet out of sea shells though! Dipped the edges of some shells in white glitter, a crown like this would have been amazing!
I very the bouquet was beautiful. I haven't thought about adding crystals top the crown top make it more glittery. Thanks.
Beautiful! I look forward to seeing this Ible in the Halloween Contest. <br> <br>Consider it voted for!
It is creative.But it is pity that i don't have shelves.
Thank you. All of the shells i used were thrift store finds. Sometimes you get lucky.
Yes. I have found them and tried it. The idea is very good. Thank you for your sharing.
Thanks. I'd love to see how yours turns out.
Beautiful and creative. Maybe I'll make a small child sized one in the future. I got loads of shells from Florida plus a bunch of old gold looking shell style buttons too.<br><br>There is a great example of a M crown in a Disney movie called The 13 year. <br>There is a momma mermaid in that one wearing a crown kind of similar to your design.
Thanks for the compliments. I would love to see what you come up with if you make one for your kiddo.
I wouldn't wear this out into<br>the streets :) but I would <br>totally wear for a costume! =)<br>Great job!
Depending on how many shells you add, it can be kinda heavy. The hair combs definately help hold it in place. My sister in law has it currently on display on a shelf as a centerpiece for her collection until halloween.
So pretty. I love it. :D
Thank you.
Very nice! I love all the different shells you were able to work in. :)
Thanks. It was hard not to add too much, but I think it turned out pretty good and had just the right balance of shells.

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