I like outer space. Do you like outer space? Of course you do. It's full of neat things like galaxies and nebulae. Here's an easy way to make cool-looking, wearable space art of the spiral galaxy persuasion using household bleach.

Step 1: Tools & Materials

Things you will need for sure:

- Black cotton shirt or pants (or even underwear, I guess). Other cellulose-based fabrics can also be used, but the closer to 100% cotton it is, the better it will work.
- Bleach
- Spray-bottle
- Paper towels or old cloth to help clean up any spills/dry off brushes after use.
- Well-ventilated work area OR respirator rated for vapours OR both.

Things that are not necessary, but ARE highly recommended:

- Drop-sheet or plastic bag or some other means of protecting your workspace.
- Safety glasses or splash goggles. Or even swimming goggles. Just something to keep bleach from getting into your eyes.
- Rubber gloves
- Old clothes you don't care about OR new clothes you hate OR clothing made out of polar fleece, because fleece isn't affected by bleach.

Completely optional junk:

- Paintbrushes
- Small container of bleach in which to dip brushes.
- Container of water in which to rinse brushes
- Fabric paint
- Glittery fabric paint
<p>Awesome, doing this soon! :)</p>
it looks great!
AWESOME! Such good way to make space designs.

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