Wearable for Christmas.





Introduction: Wearable for Christmas.

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Hello all, do you want to Make something fun and cool for the holiday season , here's an Instructable for you those who are interested in wearables and Fashion.

Watch out the Video on How this project works.

Whenever someone crosses you or new person comes across you, your shirt will glow by detecting the presence of a human or any other object that crosses you using an PIR sensor. With just a few components and a shirt you can make this project with ease and without any fuss. Lets Make it.

Step 1: Components Needed for This Project.

Here's a huge list of Components that you need to complete this Project.

Firstly you need to make sure with your shirt or anything that you want to make it glow.

The real components to this task

1. An arduino or any other clones I used Seeedstudio Lotus for this project.


2. String LED


3. PIR sensor


and a battery to power it up .

Step 2: Fixing String Light to Shirt.

Fix the String Light across your Shirt and firmly fix it using a cello tape.

Make sure the Light connector that needs to fixed to the Groove base has to available at end of your shirt which will allows us to easily connect to the Arduino.

Complete wherever you want the string light in your shirt.

Step 3: Completing the Process.

attach the PIR sensor in your shirt where it should like's a button (fix it in that way)

Connect the PIR output pin to the 4 pin of Arduino. (other two pins to ground and power supply )

Connect the String LED to the 5th pin of Arduino (Make sure you are connecting it to the PWM pin of Arduino)

Complete the Process and put your Arduino in your Pant pocket.

Power the Arduino with an external 9v Battery.

Step 4: Arduino Program and Circuit Diagram.

#define PIR_Sensor 4
#define String_light 5

voidsetup() {
  // put your setup code here, to run once:Serial.begin(9600);

pinMode(PIR_Sensor, INPUT);
pinMode(String_light, OUTPUT);


voidloop() {
boolstatus = digitalRead(PIR_Sensor);
    if(status == true)
          for(int i = 0; i<255; i++)
            analogWrite(String_light, i);
          for(int i = 255; i>0; i--)
            analogWrite(String_light, i);



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    miss you mag :) nice shirt.........

    good job..........need one for party

    Great job. I like it!

    smart and simple........like to have one

    like to have one ...... smart and simple!!!!!!!

    coooll guyzzzzzzz

    Looks good,will attract the peoples around you!