This instructable is for walkers and bikers alike. Whoever wants to be seen at night and still look good. Give it to your girlfriend, your sis, your bro, homeboy or even your mom. Any one who is stylish and walks, runs, or bikes  at night!!!

I will demonstrate folding this using opaque paper not the transparent plastic because the plastic is imposable to see in the pictures. I will include some pictures anyway. cool beans.

also if you like itvote!!!

Step 1: Materials and Tools

you will need

1. sheet protector; any sort of plastic should do, I'm getting some colored cellophane to try this with next.

2. L.E.D.s; I got mine from Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories shop.

3. Batteries;  I used CR2032 3V Lithium Batteries so there was no need for a resistor.

4. Origami paper for practice.

5. Thread; color doesn't matter here I just used green so it would blend in.

there aren't many tools you'll need for this project.

1. Scissors or any cutting blade should do at that, exacto, pocket knife, katana, T-rex teeth

2. Binder clip or any clamping tool   

Nice, I'd love to see it when you get the batteries.&nbsp; I've used cellophane for folding origami, it may be a bit easier to use than sheet protectors.<br />
tada! got batteries! <br />
Looks great!<br />
Reading step 6 I thought you meant 3 stacks of 4 pieces until I&nbsp;made sense of the photos.&nbsp; It's 4 stacks each with 2 petals on a leaf.<br />
oooo... sorry one sec i'll specify that! thanks! <br />

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