This Instructable shows you how to build a micro-controller based weather monitoring device. Built on the Arduino Uno board it can easily be extended and modified should you have additional sensors at hand.

Main requirements:
- Measure temperature (accuracy +/- 0,5 degree Kelvin)
- Measure barometric air pressure (+/- 0,1 Pascal)
- Display measured values on a LCD on demand by pressing a button

Main components:
- Arduino Uno board as controller unit
- 16x2 LCD for data output
- BMP085 Sparkfun breakout board as sensor unit for barometric pressure and temperature

In order to build this device some experience with soldering is required. Especially the wiring of the LCD and the Sparkfun break-out need to be soldered carefully.
Experience with Arduino Boards is also required and some C-Programming is needed should you want to modify the sources provided or if you have only different components available.

In order to run the Weather Monitor you have to build up the following components:
- A Sensor Box for the barometric/temperature sensor
- A Control Box containing the arduino board, the LCD and connects to the sensor box
- The Arduino control software which controls the operation of the system

Step 1: Required Components

List of System Components

  • Microcontroller Board: Ardino Uno R3
  • LCD: Gleichmann GE-C1602B-TFH-JT/R
  • Barometric & Temperature Sensor: Bosch BMP085
  • Power Supply: Energiespar-Steckernetzteil USPS-600, Voltcraft
  • Housing: Spelsberg TK Kunststoffgehäuse 180 x 94 x 57 mm plus Montageplatte
  • Illuminated Push-Button: SCI Drucktaster 250 V/AC 0,5 A beleuchtet R13-529ALBL 1x Aus/(Ein)
  • Status LED: Duo-LED 5 mm CQX 95 / WU-1-91EWG Rot, Grün 60 ° Gehäuseart 5 mm 90/70 mcd

Depending on your preferred method to connect the components you may need additional wiring or a breadboard.
<p>Hi great tutorial.</p><p>I was just wondering what happens with pin 7 - 10(D0 - D3)of the lcd? </p><p>They're not connected to the arduino, so just let em float or is it better to ground them?</p>
<p>Thanks for your comment.</p><p>Actually I just relied on the wiring from the arduino.cc website and put not much thought on the remaining pins :-)</p><p>Here the link to the wiring:</p><p>http://arduino.cc/en/uploads/Tutorial/LCD_bb.png</p>
<p>I'm new to Arduino, I have a question, the push button, is it needed for operation? If so may I have the wiring diagram for A0,1,2. I'm not sure how to hook the wires up. Right now, A),1,2 are not connected and all I get is one row of bars, no digits or letters. I did adjust the contrast, that's not the problem.</p><p> Thanks!</p><p> Eddie</p>

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