Step 4: Additions and Improvements

You now have a usable Weather Proof Housing! How ever there are some things you may want to think about.

- If you're container is a dark colour you may want to spray paint the exterior white to help stop it over heating in the sun - trust me the camera gets really hot with the dark blue container.
- If your container is white you may want to spray the inside black to help stop internal reflections and glare off the window.

- You also may want to think about adding a rain/sun visor to the housing to stop the bulk of rain drops building up on the window and glare from the sun effecting your shots.
Instructions in the pics bellow

- To change the angle of your camera you may want to make a simple stand for it -  I just prop the housing up with a piece of wood.

- After using this for a while now i have realised however that probably the best improvement would be to get a better container! The ice cream container works fine and all but a container with a latch, clip or locking mechanism would be Much better.

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